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From Andreas Andreou <andy...@di.uoa.gr>
Subject Re: Tapestry on GitHub
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 04:21:05 GMT
It's way too late over here + i don't consider myself an expert in git
(just a regualar user),
but i'll just try to express some initial thoughts:
- git is great, Tapestry (and i guess every other project) has a lot
to gain from
moving to it...
- it's not yet clear to me what the overall apache foundation view of
git and the workflow
it encourages is. The document at the end of
describes a way to use git and push changes back to svn, but of course
that's not
exactly the same thing as what github can provide (i.e. personal
repos) + it still leaves
svn in the mix... i've yet to look at the messages from
but i'm wondering if ppl are demanding git-only repos, or even
personal repos @ apache
- it's also not clear what the role of the committers will be. Because
AFAICT there won't
be any real difference between those and 'outside' contributors (of
course, that's not
necessarily a bad thing - see next comment).
- Who will be responsible for gathering the changes, merging them into the
'official' version and making sure it all just works? Currently,
that's basically everyone
(cause everyone can work directly there) - after the switch it'll be
one or two guys.
Is this acceptable?
- It's a bit unclear who will be allowed to create (snapshot and
stable) releases. Currently
everyone can, but in accordance to my previous comment this will
probably need to change.

On Mon, Oct 5, 2009 at 4:15 AM, Kevin Menard <nirvdrum@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Olivier,
> While your concerns are well-founded, I don't think there's much to
> worry about.  The git tooling isn't up to speed as SVN, but SVN wasn't
> up to speed with CVS at one point, either.  The 1.0 release in
> software is such a trite concept now that it's downright frustrating
> people don't just call their first release 1.0.
> The git plugins for both Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA seem to work
> reasonably enough, but what I've found is that with git I use the
> command-line way more than I ever did with SVN.  Part of that is
> because git commands work with partial paths.  So, I can do something
> like "git commit src/main/" to commit all the changes rooted at that
> subpath.  In SVN, you would need the full path to the file, so GUI
> support makes a lot more sense.
> I find where the lack of tooling support is more problematic is with
> CI software, linking changesets to JIRA, and so forth.  Those cons
> would have to be weighed against the pros.
> --
> Kevin
> On Sun, Oct 4, 2009 at 4:04 PM, Oliver Geisser <oliver.geisser@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Howard and everything else with Git experience,
>> i'm not a commiter so my opinion does not really matter - but anyway:
>> From my reading about Git on the web my impression is that Git
>> is not up to the level of tooling as SVN is.
>> If you are using Git from the commandline on linux I do not think this
>> is a problem. But as far as I understand the Windows support of Git
>> is not at a 1.0 level. And also the Eclipse support (Git4E) has not
>> reached a 1.0 release. And also the GUI frontend TortoiseGit has not a
>> reached 1.0 release.
>> Maybe not a real argument but I have also read that Linus Torvald has said
>> that Git will never perform on Windows up to the same level as on linux.
>> I'm interested in this topic because I've also thought about switching
>> a project from SVN to Git (internal enterprise project) and these were the
>> points why I have not done it yet.
>> Do you think my impression or my reasoning is wrong?
>> Greetings
>> Olli
>> 2009/10/4 Howard Lewis Ship <hlship@gmail.com>
>>> So here's a question ... what's preventing us from moving the Tapestry
>>> code base to GitHub?
>>> I've been using Git and GitHub increasingly for the last several
>>> months; I'm running client projects off of a private repo at GitHub.
>>> My whole approach has shifted around Git's capabilities, including
>>> tiny commits, even partial file commits (love those!).
>>> I love being able to work very quickly, to switch branches almost
>>> instantly, to have full history at all times (even when I'm
>>> traveling). Given the sorry state of languages and IDEs, it's the one
>>> tool that actually work right.
>>> I believe it is reasonable to transfer our Tapestry 5 code base,
>>> complete with history (*), up to GitHub.
>>> It's likely the Apache Board will object ... but if necessary, we can
>>> have a Git-to-SVN feed that will keep the SVN repository at Apache up
>>> to date, even as real work continues using Git.
>>> To those who haven't used Git:  remember going from, say, SourceSafe
>>> to CVS or CVS to Subversion?  Subversion to Git is an even better leap
>>> forward!
>>> (*) My choice for structure under tags, the extra releases folder, may
>>> cause some grief.
>>> --
>>> Howard M. Lewis Ship
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>>> learn how I can get you up and productive in Tapestry fast!
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>>> http://howardlewisship.com
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>> --
>> og
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