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From Andreas Andreou <andre...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Tapestry Release
Date Thu, 24 Dec 2009 13:57:35 GMT
I've created and uploaded a release of Tapestry, ready to be voted upon.

The files are uploaded to a Maven staging repository:


and to:


Please examine these files to determine if a new release,, is ready.

I've also created a tag in Subversion:


Th vote will run for 5 days. On a successful vote,
I'll promote the artifacts to the central repo,
move the binary / source distributions to the proper distribution directories
and send out appropriate notifications.

Here are the release notes / changes:


    * [TAP5-556] - Fix TranslatorSourceImplTest
    * [TAP5-711] - Submit component: using image parameter brakes
"Selected" events
    * [TAP5-714] - Incorrect encoding of single quotes for Ajax requests
    * [TAP5-719] - Component LinkSubmit doesn't work
    * [TAP5-734] - Tapestry tutorial documentation refers to old
archtype command
    * [TAP5-749] - The FormFragment and LinkSubmit components create a
hidden field whose id ends with ":hidden"
    * [TAP5-755] - URL rewriting documentation contains an example
that won't compile due to lack of a return value
    * [TAP5-767] - PropertyConduitSourceImpl should use english locale
(instead of default locale) when evaluating decimals
    * [TAP5-779] - CLONE -Linksubmit doesn't work inside a form with
Zone parameter set
    * [TAP5-815] - Asset dispatcher allows any file inside the webapp
visible and downloadable
    * [TAP5-868] - It is not possible to attach a validation event
listener to a Palette (or other <select> field)
    * [TAP5-894] - Fix PartialMarkupDocumentLinkerTest.stylesheet_link()
    * [TAP5-896] - Contribute 'properties' file extension to the
configuration of ResourceDigestGenerator
    * [TAP5-913] - java.lang.VerifyError Stack size too large
    * [TAP5-936] - Tapestry wiki link links to nothing for locales other then en


    * [TAP5-762] - Upgrade Selenium dependencies to version 1.0.1
    * [TAP5-912] - Validation of properties of type
java.util.Collection should fail when the collection is empty

New Feature

    * [TAP5-138] - Add Zone parameter to Select component


    * [TAP5-819] - remove ide-specific files from all sub-modules and
add them to svn:ignore

PS. Guide to testing staged releases:
PS2. Enjoy and ... Merry Christmas

Andreas Andreou - andyhot@apache.org - http://blog.andyhot.gr
Tapestry / Tacos developer
Open Source / JEE Consulting

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