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From "Joost Schouten (ml)" <joost...@jsportal.com>
Subject Re: [T5.2.0] relative classpath Asset resolving broken for extended classes.
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 04:31:55 GMT
A little extra information: the start of the problem seems to coincide 
with Howards commit (911913) on feb 20th: "Rework 
AbstractIncludeAssetWorker to use a created field and method advice to 
setup and handle the assets". I can't quite see what is going on here, 
maybe someone else can quickly see why this stopped working.


PS: at this stage I would have chosen not to extend a mixin in the first 
place and just build another mixin, but 18 months ago I thought this was 
the way forward ;-)

Joost Schouten (ml) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a mixin which extends tapestry's Autocomplete mixin. I have 
> used this for about a year and a half but as of last week I started 
> experiencing some problems. I am getting the following exception:
> Unable to locate asset 
> 'classpath:com/joostschouten/common/http/tapestrybase/mixins/autocomplete.js' 
> (the file does not exist).
> I guess this is due how the mixin loads it's autocomplete.js. The 
> mixin itself loads it using: @IncludeJavaScriptLibrary({ 
> "${tapestry.scriptaculous}/controls.js", "autocomplete.js" }) which 
> has not changes since April 2009. So I guess something must have 
> changed in how Assets are resolved as it now seems to think the 
> relative path should be from the extending Class not the Autocomplete 
> class itself.
> Has anyone made any recent changes to the trunk which might cause 
> this? And if so, how can it be fixed?
> Cheers,
> Joost

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