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From Ulrich Stärk <...@spielviel.de>
Subject Re: documentation improvements
Date Mon, 01 Mar 2010 17:12:54 GMT
The problem with a collaborative approach to writing Tapestrys official 
documenation is that every contribution has to be made intentionally and 
prove of this intention has to be provided. For committers that means 
signing a CLA. The same would hold for documentation contributors. We 
can't just have everyone write the official documentation. And if you 
drop point c) and the truely collaborative part, you and up with a wiki 
like confluence.


Renger Wilde schrieb:
> I really like the collaborative, componentized documentation development
> concepts advocated at Christophe Cordenier's  http://wookicentral.com/demo/
> Wooki  site. The powerful concepts he's got include:
> a.  Easy collaborative drafting and editing of a componentized, modular
> document (wiki-style)
> b.  Generate PDF on-demand
> c.  Written in Tapestry
> I also strongly agree that we should separate out reference documentation
> that can be auto-generated (e.g. Javadoc and the like) from best-practice,
> how-to, and examples documentation. They are two completely different beasts
> - with different committers (skills, tools, needs) and different
> content-sources (meta-data in source files .vs. stuff in people's brains)
> and different user needs (reference .vs. big-picture process, general
> concepts, how-tos, examples). 
> These concept-driven documentation types are the ones most sorely missing
> from the Tapestry world, and that, in my opinion, is where the focus of the
> next documentation effort should be. Why? Because that lack is currently the
> single biggest impediment to expanding Tapestry's market share (and vitality
> as a product) that we currently face. 
> I recognize that Christophe's product is in its early stages of development,
> but I see substantial promise in his work, and I encourage all of us to give
> it a look. He's come a great big long way in a few short months.

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