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From Ulrich Stärk <...@spielviel.de>
Subject Re: Performance Testing Lab
Date Fri, 03 Sep 2010 06:33:07 GMT
We'll be conduction an experiment in the near future where we will measure web application

performance, amongst others. We are going to develop methods and will also have the hardware
measure performance. This won't happen before early 2011 though. If you can wait until then
I'd be 
able to help out a great deal.



On 02.09.2010 23:30, Howard Lewis Ship wrote:
> One of my long term and unrealized goals for Tapestry is to have a
> legitimate performance testing lab.
> I'd like the ability to run a "standard" application through its
> paces, collect statistics, and see how well each new Tapestry release
> compares to its predecessor in terms of general performance: response
> time, memory utilization, saturation and recovery.  Ideally, it would
> be nice to create equivalent JSP/Spring MVC/Struts/Wicket
> implementations of the same app.
> I'm really concerned with ensuring that 5.2 out-performs 5.1, and uses
> less memory.  The singleton pages approach should lower the memory
> utilization ... but I'm concerned that the new AOP stuff inside
> ClassTransformation (which has a tendency to create lots of little
> one-off classes) will overshadow the other improvements.
> So ... how do we go from thinking about this to doing it?  I have a
> spare desktop I could use for this purpose (I'm going to wipe out
> windows and install Ubuntu). It's dated hardware but otherwise
> probably ok.  Does any of the committers, or Tapestry community, have
> some specific skills, or better ideas?

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