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From Howard Lewis Ship <hls...@gmail.com>
Subject Cool idea for testing ...
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2011 21:19:10 GMT
Wow. I just thought up a deviously useful idea for testing Tapestry apps.

Here's the problem; sometimes your pages are calling into a service
and need to handle some exceptional situation.  Maybe it is not
reasonable to get the service to respond with the exceptional case ...
in my situation, its about setting things up so that a database
transaction is rolled back due to a stored procedure noticing a data
irregularity that's pretty much impossible to set up through the UI.
I still want to test the logic in my page that handle the exceptional
response from the service, and I want to do it inside a Selenium-based
integration test.

I keep hearing "Uncle" Bob Martin whine "and why are our UI components
talking to our service components" (roughly paraphrased, from memory).

So I had this image pop into my head:

1) A mock implementation of the DAO service.
2) A special MockManager service that can temporarily store a Mock for
a particular service interface.
3) A MethodAdvice on the service that checks with the MockManager and
possibly redirects the method invocation from the real service
implementation to the Mock.

In other words, my test will obtain the service Registry (somehow) and
the MockManager.  It will store a Mock of my DAO service into the
MockManager.  My test then submits the form, and the page code invokes
a method on the service which is directed to my Mock.

I'll be prototyping this on my client code shortly, see how well it works.

If this works, it will really justify the fine-grained DAO approach
I've been using (pretty much each entity type has a cookie-cutter DAO

Howard M. Lewis Ship

Creator of Apache Tapestry

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