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From Josh Canfield <joshcanfi...@gmail.com>
Subject TapestryFilter - Use System properties to load extra modules.
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2011 17:54:30 GMT
Tapestry reads the execution mode from system properties, but loads
only the modules that have been configured via the servlet context.

For integration tests I'd like to provide a TestOnly module which
replaces some services. I don't want to put a reference to this module
in the production web.xml.

I'd like to modify TapestryFilter so that it passes a symbol provider
with both context and system properties providers.

I haven't seen any conversations around this so I thought I'd float it
by the group before I check it in.

I thought it might be a security concern, but if I can hack your
system and change the system properties used to start your server, I
can probably also explode your war file and replace your web.xml...


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