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From Gavin Lei <gavingui2...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Need feedback for Eclipse WTP based Tapestry 5 visual editor
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2012 05:27:37 GMT
Hi All,

After discussion with my GSoC mentor Igor Drobiazko, we think there
are two ways for TapestryTools to go:
1. build TapestryTools on WTP, and keep improving it
2. build a brand new simple tool which supplies some special Tapestry5
features, and it can run without WTP

Solution 1 will make TapestryTools more powerful, but meanwhile, it
will make it more complex and hard to improve, hard to install and we
should keep synchronous with Eclipse WTP's release version. Not
unfavorable for this tool's long term development.

If we build TapestryTools without Eclipse WTP in solution 2, maybe we
will lost some brilliant features, such as palette drag and drop
things, but it will make TapestryTools lightweight (just a normal
Eclipse plug-in, does not need many special dependencies),more focus,
easy to install, easy to use. And also, we can supply practical

1) very easy installation in different Eclipse version
2) Tapestry page/component creation wizard
3) command to switch between tml and java
4) Autocompletion features, includes two aspects:
   * Autocomplete of properties from the .java page when editing the .tml file
   * Tapestry built in and custom components autocompletion function in tml

And optional features:
1) import Tapestry jar of special version to project
2) validation function in Tapestry .tml file source view
    Supplies semantic validation of the Tapestry standard tag
libraries for both EL and non-EL attribute values in *.tml file
3) hyperlink function in Tapestry .tml file source view
    Hyperlink to the Java editor from property and method referenced
in the Expression Language(EL) of a tag-attribute, click (CTRL +
property or method ), it will jump to the corresponding Java Class

And now, we are still in ideas collection period, any feature demands
from open source community is welcome. Or if you have any advises,
please let me know, thank you.

Best Regards
Gavin Lei (雷银)
Email: gavingui2011@gmail.com

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