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From Felix Gonschorek <fe...@netzgut.net>
Subject Getting current tapestry 5.4-SNAPSHOT head running in eclipse with git and gradle
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 12:29:00 GMT
Okay, i would like to contribute back to the tapestry project and submit
patches and tests. I have difficulties to get tapestry running in my
current dev environment:

- eclipse 3.8.1 (jdt, gradle plugin, git team provider and m2 plugin
- win 7

usually i work with mercurial and m2eclipse, but git and gradle should'nt
be a problem.

This is what i do:

> git clone http://git-wip-us.apache.org/repos/asf/tapestry-5.git
> cd tapestry-5
> ./gradlew eclipse

in eclipse:

"import" -> "existing project into workspace" -> "select tapestry-5 folder
in workspace"

Result: i get a single tapestry-5 project, but no classpaths are set.

after some investigation i see, that eclipse only sees the .project files
in the project root folder, not in the sub-projects. so i remove the
projects in eclipse without removing the files on the disk. then i delete
the .project file in the root folder and import the "existing projects into
workspace" again.

Now the subprojects (tapestry-core, tapestry-ioc, tapestry-test....) are
being detected and i can import the projects.

Result: i have now 20 seperate projects in my eclipse workspace.

I get a lot of compilation errors:

1) The projects are set up for java 1.5 and in java 1.5 the "@Override"
annotation on methods that implement an interface are not allowed. The
@Override annotation is only allowed for methods overriding the method of a
Fix: i changed the "sourceCompatibility" and "targetCompatibility" in the
root "build.gradle" to 1.6, run the "./gradlew eclipse" task again and
refresh all projects.
Result: The most compilation errors are gone.
Question: How can i override the "sourceCompatiblity" and
"targetCompatibility" settings without changing the main build.gradle file?
Strictly speaking, the sourceCompatibility is not 1.5 as far as i
understand the setting... should this be fixed in general?

2) I am missing some clojure dependency. There are 49 compilation errors,
as far as i can see all of them are related to that:
"The import clojure cannot be resolved". File:
Path:  line 19
Question: How can i fix this? In the build.gradle file of the
tapestry-clojure is this statement:

dependencies {
 "provided "org.clojure:clojure:1.4.0""

Obviously it is not provided ;-)

Any help would be highly appreciated, maybe this helps other eclipse users
who are willing to contribute to master the first steps.


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