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From Michael Wyraz <michael.wy...@evermind.de>
Subject Re: Speed up page compiling (partial solved)
Date Fri, 11 Jan 2013 12:35:54 GMT
Am 11.01.2013 12:02, schrieb Thiago H de Paula Figueiredo:
> On Fri, 11 Jan 2013 08:01:27 -0200, Michael Wyraz 
> <michael.wyraz@evermind.de> wrote:
>> - Most time goes to initializing OGNL-Bound expressions! This is a 
>> home-made issue. We used them in some cases where tapestrys 
>> expressions are not sufficient. Seems that there are uses in 
>> components that are used very often - I'll to a rework of the code 
>> and repeat the tests. Maybe I can cache it.
> Maybe, instead, you should gradually ditch OGNL and replace its usage 
> by methods and Tapestry expressions are faster. That's the recommended 
> thing to do anyway: move logic from template to class.
> Tapestry, out-of-the-box, doesn't use OGNL since T5.0 (just reminding 
> that for people who read this and remember Tapestry 4, that did use 
> OGNL out-of-the-box).
I'm going to do so. Most are lamda expressions like 
"ognl:disabled?'cssclassdisabled':'cssclassnormal'". I added some 
caching, removing almost all overhead of ognl compiling (reducing from 
16 to 1 second on the big page).
>> - Initializing the assets. I tracked it down to a call to 
>> file.exists() in the webapp classloader - we use a special launcher 
>> that brings it's own classloader - I'll check if it ist also an issue 
>> for the default webapp classloader of tomcat.
> It would also be interesting if you did the same profiling in Jetty, 
> which is usually faster and better implemented than Tomcat.
I'd wonder if it would be so. Accessing context resources will always 
hit the filesystem. Accessing file metadata many times (e.g. 
File.exists()) is terible slow (at least on windows).
> By the way, it seems you tried to include a couple images in your 
> e-mail, but didn't or they were lost somewhere between your e-mail 
> client and the mailing list.
I guess that's thunderbird which replaced some smileys by graphics. I 
did not attach anything.


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