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From Michael Wyraz <michael.wy...@evermind.de>
Subject Re: Speed up page compiling - detailed analysis
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 16:02:13 GMT

I spent some more time in profiling/debugging. I added caching for all 
my OGNL bindings so that's no issue anymore. I add Cachring for tomcat's 
WebappClassloader.findResource which was a big hotspot. I cut the link 
between my 3 big pages so that only 1 page is loaded at once.
Loading still takes ~18 seconds, here are the remaining time eaters:
- PlasticProxyFactoryImpl.createProxy 8 seconds (7 seconds own time)
- ClassLoader.loadClass 5 seconds (3.2 seconds own time)
   - called often from ComponentInstantiatorSourceImpl.getInstantiator
   - called often from PlasticProxyFactoryImpl.createProxy
- ArrayList.toArray 2 seconds
   - called often from StringInternerImpl.format(String,Object[])
- File.exists() 2 seconds
   - called often from AssetSourceImpl.getAsset
- StringInternerImpl.format 1.3 seconds own time
- InitializeActivePageName.handlePageRender 1.4 seconds own time
- WebappClassLoader.getResource 1 second own time
   - called often from AssetSourceImpl.getAsset
- AssetSourceImpl.getAsset 1 second own time

"own time" means the time spent within the method itself (excluding the 
time spent in other called method from within this method).

It's possible to speed up some things with optimizations but the best 
approach would be a development-only proxy.


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