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From Michael Wyraz <michael.wy...@evermind.de>
Subject Re: Tapestry 5.4, AngularJS and partial page content
Date Fri, 08 Nov 2013 22:21:52 GMT
> I'm also saying that if you're after big/complex angular apps (within
> Tapestry or standalone), then componentize at the angular level.
> But why have Tapestry templates generate those static angular templates
> instead of just serving them directly from the context ?
because this gives me the opportunity compose the templates out of 
tapestry components. So instead of writing much (and always the same) 
markup for a form that contains some navigation or so, I simply write 
<t:formcomponent rest-uri="myresource">(form content)</t:formcomponent> 
and get all the markup I need.
Another thing would be to provide different views of the same component 
(e.g. <t:createContactForm view="minimal"/> vs <t:createContactForm 
view="complete"/>) where differnt representations of the same thing 
share the same markup.

That's just a nice-to-have feature - it is not a problem to rely on 
static templates. All above should also be posible with static angular 


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