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From Howard Lewis Ship <hls...@gmail.com>
Subject [VOTE] Apache Tapestry 5.4-beta-17
Date Tue, 02 Sep 2014 19:18:36 GMT
I've created and uploaded a release of Tapestry 5.4-beta-17, ready to be
voted upon.

The source and source downloads are uploaded to:


and the Maven artifacts staged to:


Please examine these files to determine if the new release, 5.4-beta-17, is

I've also created a 5.4-beta-17 tag in Git:


Vote will run for three days; On a successful vote, I'll release the Maven
artifacts, and move the source and javadoc distributions from these
to the proper distribution directories and update the Tapestry site
documentation, and send out appropriate notifications.

Howard M. Lewis Ship: +1 (binding)

P.S. This is the current release notes from JIRA:

Release Notes - Tapestry 5 - Version 5.4

** Bug
    * [TAP5-311] - NPE in BeanDisplay if used in a form with a default model
    * [TAP5-736] - TextField validate parameter allows Null, but throws NPE
    * [TAP5-773] - Select component should have parameter to allow option
labels to be rendered w/o HTML entity escaping
    * [TAP5-800] - Server side error during provideCompletions event for
Autocompleter mixin is not reported on the client side properly
    * [TAP5-805] - DateField does not allow disabling of client-side
validation, side-effects
    * [TAP5-860] - JavaScript errors when adding validations to checkboxes
    * [TAP5-901] - Generics return wrong type when subclassing page
    * [TAP5-983] - CLONE -NPE in BeanDisplay if used in a form with a
default model
    * [TAP5-986] - A request can fail with an NPE in some cases, when a
Tapestry page is acting as the servlet container error page
    * [TAP5-1010] - Fix Finnish validation message translation - corrected
file attached
    * [TAP5-1066] - Client-Id and Links in Grid not correct when putting a
Grid inside a Loop
    * [TAP5-1193] - tapestry.js prevents using the back/forward browser
    * [TAP5-1200] - Nested Ajax calls result in a call to $T(null)
    * [TAP5-1305] - Service decorations can fail if using the conventional
    * [TAP5-1480] - Couldn't create property conduits for generic interfaces
    * [TAP5-1493] - Property expressions on properties that are covariant
on a base class use the type of the base class property, not the covariant
    * [TAP5-1548] - Property expressions fails when using a supertype that
implements an interface with a matching method
    * [TAP5-1569] - Grid should implement the ClientElement interface
    * [TAP5-1601] - Sometime a method that references a field with a
conduit will not be instrumented, resulting in an NPE accessing the field
    * [TAP5-1658] - Submit context does not work inside Grid
    * [TAP5-1668] - JavaDoc for @Parameter.value() should be clearer about
the empty string
    * [TAP5-1672] - PropertyDisplay component will swallow NPEs when
evaluating the property, leaving no clue about the actual NPE
    * [TAP5-1689] - Grid pagination details should be overridable via a
Grid parameter to support Grids that render in loops
    * [TAP5-1691] - AssetPathConstructorImpl should URL-encode the
application version
    * [TAP5-1704] - Localizing the "Today" and "None" labels in the core
datefield component
    * [TAP5-1729] - Sometimes YUICompressor can fail with
    * [TAP5-1730] - Ajax Zone is improperly reloaded when a mixin submits
form via JavaScript
    * [TAP5-1734] - Race condition loading JavaScript libraries with
    * [TAP5-1735] - Most packages lack package-level javadocs
    * [TAP5-1736] - Overriding a base class abstract event handler method
causes the sub-class method to be invoked twice
    * [TAP5-1741] - Parsing template which contains Chinese (Maybe other
double bytes) words throws MalformedByteSequenceException: Invalid byte 3
of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.
    * [TAP5-1742] - AfterRender() in Loop component should not short circuit
    * [TAP5-1744] - Returning a StreamPageContent instance from any of a
Form's events results in "Form components may not be placed inside other
Form components" exception
    * [TAP5-1752] - Component cannot receive any event in a case when
transformer added event handler before OnEventWorker
    * [TAP5-1762] - Some components do not have include a description of
their parameters in their JavaDoc pages
    * [TAP5-1765] - PerThread scope is not honored when service is created
using autobuild
    * [TAP5-1768] - @ActivationRequestParameter does not encode to be URL
    * [TAP5-1769] - Form submitted with an ajax request should not have the
ValidationTracker persist values
    * [TAP5-1770] - PageTester causes StringIndexOutOfBoundsException for
any page request path with query parameter
    * [TAP5-1773] - FormFieldFocus mixin passes control name, not client
id, to JavaScriptSupport.autofocus()
    * [TAP5-1778] - Template parsing dependent on JVM default charset
    * [TAP5-1779] - Tapestry allows directory listing of assets via client
    * [TAP5-1784] - Extra comma in tapestry-messages_de.js causes Internet
Explorer to fail to work
    * [TAP5-1785] - Exceptions while compressing JavaScript are not fully
    * [TAP5-1787] - TextField should be usable with HTML5 type values (such
as "number", "email", etc.)
    * [TAP5-1788] - Service id 'environment' has already been defined by
org.apache.tapestry5.services.TapestryModule with Spring 3.1
    * [TAP5-1791] - On some JDKs, the complex regular expression used by
ComponentEventLinkEncoderImpl will cause a stack overflow
    * [TAP5-1795] - Validators exception in italian locale
    * [TAP5-1798] - Grid and BeanDisplay should ignore properties that are
actually static fields
    * [TAP5-1802] - Component tracing check should check if there is a
    * [TAP5-1822] - LinkSecurity should be public, not internal, as it is
used with the public Link interface
    * [TAP5-1825] - Incorrect order of parameter in localization messages
within ValidationMessages Italian lang
    * [TAP5-1831] - DelegatingInjectionResources does not pass generic type
information to its first delegate
    * [TAP5-1836] - "LocalhostOnly" WhitelistAnalyzer check
"0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1%0" ip address instead "0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1"
    * [TAP5-1844] - Datefield not fires onchange event on changes
    * [TAP5-1848] - tapestry-jpa ignores persistence provider from
    * [TAP5-1854] - AjaxComponentEventRequestHandler doesn't handle the
case where a response has already be returned, and may append an empty JSON
Object to the response
    * [TAP5-1860] - Access to protected component fields does not always
reflect in subclasses
    * [TAP5-1865] - Chinese valication message issue
    * [TAP5-1868] - SRSCachingInterceptor returns compressed version of
asset for all clients once it was compressed for some client
    * [TAP5-1870] - javascript added while in the render phase of a
component from an ajax request is never executed
    * [TAP5-1873] - JavaScript execution exception is not logged
    * [TAP5-1880] - GZip compression should be disabled if the request is
over http 1.0
    * [TAP5-1881] - TypeCoercion from Number to Boolean returns false for
any number that is an even multiple of 256
    * [TAP5-1885] - Error in PropertyAccess service
    * [TAP5-1887] - Client-side JavaScript error if console.info/debug/...
is available but not a function
    * [TAP5-1890] - PlaceholderBlock should implement RenderCommand
    * [TAP5-1892] - FormFragment validates non-displayed fragments (reopen)
    * [TAP5-1903] - Client-side exception when a Zone containing a Form
with an Upload component is re-rendered
    * [TAP5-1906] - Interaction between client-side validation and submit
buttons can result in a server-side error parsing JSON array
    * [TAP5-1907] - Client exception in IE9 when partial page render
introduces stylesheets
    * [TAP5-1911] - Tree leaf is still not selectable
    * [TAP5-1926] - PropertyDisplayBlocks Date's display block is not
thread safe
    * [TAP5-1929] - High contention in method
InternalComponentResourcesImpl.postRenderCleanup() and NamedSet.getValues()
    * [TAP5-1931] - Alerts can not be dismissed in IE8.
    * [TAP5-1933] - Email validation should use a different regular
    * [TAP5-1934] - Kaptcha Component throws NPE after session is expired
    * [TAP5-1935] - ContextResource uses a deprecated File.toURL
    * [TAP5-1937] - removeCookieValue with custom path
    * [TAP5-1938] - The ValueEncoder for JPA entity types should encode
transient instances as null rather than throw an exception
    * [TAP5-1941] - Alerts component can fail with ComponentEventException
is dismiss event triggered outside of XHR request (e.g., by web crawler)
    * [TAP5-1945] - Clojure integration breaks if tapestry-core is on the
    * [TAP5-1949] - Alerts component does not show alerts added from a
component that occurs later in the template
    * [TAP5-1950] - ResourceStreamer sends SC_NOT_MODIFIED as an error, but
it should be just status
    * [TAP5-1952] - JavaScript Compressor should log warnings as well as
errors, and identify the input clearly
    * [TAP5-1956] - Tapestry.ZoneManager creates memory leaks
    * [TAP5-1960] - @javax.annotations.Inject on a field, without @Named,
does not inject service resources
    * [TAP5-1963] - Original exception lost in CommitAfterWorker upon abort
    * [TAP5-1964] - In production mode, placeholder timestamp needs to be
limited to one-second accuracy
    * [TAP5-1969] - Excessive warnings from YUICompressor
    * [TAP5-1973] - In certain development cases when switching from
insecure to secure, BaseURLSource will still include :443 in the URL
    * [TAP5-1976] - XML Parser adds attributes with default values and
produces invalid HTML5 markup
    * [TAP5-1977] - Memory leak (perm gen) in component reloading
    * [TAP5-1979] - Changing the implementation of a method after adding
method advice does not work; the original implementation remains
    * [TAP5-1983] - PerThreadManager does not cleanup on shutdown, can lead
to memory leaks when application redeployed
    * [TAP5-1984] - Adding alerts doesn't work during ajax rendering
    * [TAP5-1985] - Clicking Alert component's "dismiss all" link scrolls
to top of page
    * [TAP5-1988] - Tapestry Security Violations
    * [TAP5-1991] - YUICompressor should be less verbose about common
    * [TAP5-1992] - Switch YUICompressor dependency back to com.yahoo
version 2.4.7
    * [TAP5-1995] - Tapestry5 Application can not be deployed as Tomcat7
HotDeploy Package
    * [TAP5-2001] - Race condition while loading javascript file via ajax
    * [TAP5-2004] - Tapestry-Ioc fails to build on Windows (ReloadTest.java)
    * [TAP5-2008] - Serialized object data stored on the client should be
HMAC signed and validated
    * [TAP5-2009] - Downgrade bundled Prototype version back to 1.7
    * [TAP5-2010] - Broken links in Javadoc pages
    * [TAP5-2014] - Zone highlight leaves behind an explicit
background-color which overrides css background-color
    * [TAP5-2015] - Tomcat .war path is not decoded properly
    * [TAP5-2017] - Triggerfragment Mixin does not work when used within a
table element for IE7
    * [TAP5-2020] - Tree label block should be rendered inside an heartbeat
    * [TAP5-2025] - Duplicate generated ids
    * [TAP5-2030] - @RequestParameter with Long fails with blank values
even if allowBlank = true
    * [TAP5-2034] - When the application operates with a context path,
asset URLs are incorrectly formed
    * [TAP5-2037] - ValidationTracker/Flash persistence race condition with
    * [TAP5-2040] - TapestryAppInitializer should have access to system
properties; this is a reversion in 5.4
    * [TAP5-2041] - Links within subheadings are invisible on Javadoc pages
    * [TAP5-2044] - Misleading error message in logs when accessing
classpath assets
    * [TAP5-2045] - Set default CSS class for Label component to be
"control-label", but allow overrides
    * [TAP5-2047] - ElementWrapper#find jQuery implementation is broken if
there is no match
    * [TAP5-2049] - Tapestry should provide locking semantics for
attributes stored in the session, to prevent multiple simultaneous requests
(due to Ajax) from conflicting
    * [TAP5-2052] - tapestry-ioc has a compile dependency on tapestry-test
    * [TAP5-2053] - Use of 'transient' property in alert options breaks
JavaScript processors
    * [TAP5-2054] - `dom.js` implementations break when minified
    * [TAP5-2057] - CSS URL rewriting is incomplete
    * [TAP5-2061] - core_**.properties got wrong encoding
    * [TAP5-2062] - Ajax alerts not rendered after a JS call to dismissOne()
    * [TAP5-2064] - Add 'info' style to info alerts
    * [TAP5-2068] - Use <button>, not <a>, tags for the close buttons on
    * [TAP5-2071] - Tapestry should output valid HTML5 when using the HTML5
doctype in templates
    * [TAP5-2073] - AbstractEventContext always emits "null" regardless of
what values are defined by subclass
    * [TAP5-2079] - Tapestry should handle the case where the context path
is (incorrectly) "/" (not the empty string)
    * [TAP5-2081] - datefield: cannot blank out date value via text input
    * [TAP5-2082] - When the last alert that is removed is transient, the
outer container is not removed
    * [TAP5-2083] - Failing to load asset / stylesheet with @Import
annotation in subclassed component
    * [TAP5-2084] - Form should decode its link parameters
    * [TAP5-2087] - Checkboxes in forms always return "on" (considered as
"checked" server-side)
    * [TAP5-2089] - JavaScript errors when using Autocomplete mixin
    * [TAP5-2092] - Tapestry-mongodb has a compile dependency on
    * [TAP5-2095] - Module assets should not be sent a far-future expires
    * [TAP5-2096] - JBoss 4.2.3 Classpath scanning fails for nested paths
    * [TAP5-2100] - ZoneRefresh mixin triggers refresh event with wrong
    * [TAP5-2101] - BeanEditor should always provide a new
BeanValidationContext (JSR-303)
    * [TAP5-2103] - ElementWrapper#text() jQuery implementation does not
    * [TAP5-2106] - Tapestry incorrectly rewrites CSS urls in a variety of
    * [TAP5-2108] - BeanEditForm's cancel button triggers "success" event
    * [TAP5-2110] - MinLength and MaxLength validators don't import
    * [TAP5-2111] - ZoneRefresh doesn't document/declare its 'refresh' event
    * [TAP5-2119] - Depenencies excluded in Gradle build files are not
excluded in the generated Maven POMs
    * [TAP5-2120] - StringIndexOutOfBoundsException computing relative
paths for certain Resources
    * [TAP5-2121] - Broken image (for Tapestry Logo) in generated
documentation page
    * [TAP5-2122] - visible() on empty <div> is false; prevents valiation
of Palette component
    * [TAP5-2124] - events.zone.refresh must be triggered directly on zone
element, can fail otherwise
    * [TAP5-2125] - Ajax form submissions via jQuery may pass t:formdata as
"t:formdata[]" if there are multiple values
    * [TAP5-2126] - TAP5-2063 fix (multi-valued parameters in Link)
conflicts with use of ActivationRequestParameter and PageLink.parameters
    * [TAP5-2128] - @Import leads to StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
    * [TAP5-2130] - Services interfaces that inherit from "Runnable" cause
@Startup methods being called twice
    * [TAP5-2132] - Generation of documentation for t5/core/dom should use
the split (for jQuery, for Prototype) files, not the combined source file
    * [TAP5-2133] - DefaultRequestExceptionHandler swallows exceptions
    * [TAP5-2135] - @Cache annotation converts thrown checked exceptions
into RuntimeExceptions
    * [TAP5-2137] - Tree component renders empty nodes as expandable,
AssertionError when expanded
    * [TAP5-2141] - Ajax form submission should ignore fields with no name
    * [TAP5-2142] - Exceptions thrown during Ajax processing or validation
force a traditional form submission
    * [TAP5-2148] - VersionUtils should close the stream it opens
    * [TAP5-2154] - Environment keys with empty associated stacks should
not be listed as available
    * [TAP5-2158] - Client-side validation of @Size is not working when
only min or max is set
    * [TAP5-2163] - Adapt DateField style to Bootstrap 3
    * [TAP5-2165] - Resource name case check breaks applications on windows
    * [TAP5-2167] - Asset location warnings are actually coded as errors
    * [TAP5-2168] - Asset Not Found messages are prompting to put assets
into wrong location
    * [TAP5-2169] - Core stack is not included by default
    * [TAP5-2171] - LinkSubmit Broken With Client-side Validation
    * [TAP5-2177] - The Errors component may output the same message
multiple times
    * [TAP5-2178] - Can get a servlet error 500 if a page can not be
assembled due to new link back to page
    * [TAP5-2179] - The Select component can be hacked to select a value
not in the SelectModel
    * [TAP5-2180] - SeleniumTestCase assumes that Selenium Server runs on
the default port
    * [TAP5-2182] - BeanEditor should be more flexible in the markup it
generates (was BeanEditor doesn't look as good in T5.4 as in T5.3)
    * [TAP5-2183] - 5.4 Linksubmit does not generate events with Bootstrap
    * [TAP5-2184] - Select component fails validation due to type mismatch
when using  model generated from String
    * [TAP5-2185] - Problem with the asset checksums and relative paths
based on them
    * [TAP5-2187] - CSS relative URL rewriting isn't lenient enough
    * [TAP5-2188] - Typo & Java Script error in Upload component /
JavaScript module "injected-uploader.js"
    * [TAP5-2189] - Upload component does not override the isRequired method
    * [TAP5-2197] - @Import without stack puts imported stylesheet before
the core stack ones
    * [TAP5-2200] - Generating XML from pages and templates is not possible
    * [TAP5-2204] - Select component fails if SelectModel doesn't exist on
    * [TAP5-2206] - support parsing of JPA 2.x definitions
    * [TAP5-2212] - If component example contains a pagelink with wrong
parameter name/type
    * [TAP5-2218] - Update bundled Bootstrap to 3.0.2
    * [TAP5-2219] - XML-Parsing broken if system encoding is not UTF-8
    * [TAP5-2221] - Aggregated JavaScript stacks are not passed through the
JavaScript minimizer
    * [TAP5-2223] - New "secure" flag in Select component has a bug when
using option groups
    * [TAP5-2226] - Replace kaptcha dependency with maintained version
    * [TAP5-2227] - Update Less4J to version 1.2.1 for compatibility with
Bootstrap 3.0.2
    * [TAP5-2228] - Ajaxformloop.js gives a javascript error on "add row"
in jquery mode
    * [TAP5-2230] - AjaxFormLoop Add Row Broken
    * [TAP5-2231] - Ajax form submits all possible radio values
    * [TAP5-2233] - AjaxFormLoop: rowvalue missing when removeRowLink is
not plain text
    * [TAP5-2234] - Refreshing the browser in Eclipse on Windows sometimes
fails with a locking exception
    * [TAP5-2236] - It should be possible to determine when there are
active Ajax requests
    * [TAP5-2237] - t5/core/alert module - wrong default CSS class for alert
    * [TAP5-2243] - T5.4 tapestry-core integration test app1/xmlcontent
page fails
    * [TAP5-2246] - Internet Explorer 8 JavaScript Error in pageinit.js /
development mode
    * [TAP5-2249] - Rendering an empty If component can cause a
    * [TAP5-2256] - Sorting is broken for Grid inline="true" in a loop
    * [TAP5-2257] - Missing in tapestry-core jar two pictures: expand.png
and collapse.png
    * [TAP5-2262] - IOC bind method does not allow specification of
multiple markers
    * [TAP5-2264] - ResponseCompressionAnalyzerImpl ignores
'tapestry.supress-compression' request attribute for assets and modules
    * [TAP5-2266] - @code JavaDoc is stripped entirely from component
reference output
    * [TAP5-2267] - Contributing ExceptionHandlerAssistant instances to
RequestExceptionHandler is broken
    * [TAP5-2269] - Client persistence strategy does not detect changes to
internal state of mutable objects
    * [TAP5-2270] - BeanDisplay exception when used inside a Form
    * [TAP5-2271] - Glyphyicon component should support informal parameters
    * [TAP5-2272] - IE8 Breaks in use of ownerNode in pageinit.js
    * [TAP5-2273] - TapestryIOCJunit4ClassRunner
    * [TAP5-2275] - Kaptcha setting invalid caching response headers
    * [TAP5-2278] - ModuleDispatcher should send 404 response when the
request includes the prefix, but not a valid module path
    * [TAP5-2279] - Returning a link from Ajax event does not cause refresh
if URL is the same
    * [TAP5-2282] - Email validator error
    * [TAP5-2285] - Tapestry-Hibernate hibernate-core-4.1.2 mysql bug
    * [TAP5-2293] - Closure minimizer produces invalid output on non-UTF-8
    * [TAP5-2294] - Wrong line endings in app startup messages on Windows
    * [TAP5-2296] - Upgrade Hibernate dependencies to current version
    * [TAP5-2298] - "Any" component  lacks any useful documentation
    * [TAP5-2300] - JavaScriptSupport.addInitializerCall is not backwards
    * [TAP5-2303] - Navigation control in Layout component not rendering
properly 5.4beta3 quickstart app
    * [TAP5-2306] - Mixin parameters should be qualified (with the new 5.4
    * [TAP5-2307] - Client validation does not shift focus to the (first)
field in error
    * [TAP5-2311] - [5.4-beta-3] Fail to Reload page in a directory: /
converted to $002f
    * [TAP5-2317] - AbstractFlow.count() thows StackOverflowError for large
    * [TAP5-2324] - Tapestry may send a 304 response to a browser that has
an asset who minimized/non-minimized state does not match the server's
    * [TAP5-2330] - NullPointerException when updating a Zone with no
    * [TAP5-2331] - Can't stop tapestry generating clientId for fields
    * [TAP5-2342] - NPE on
    * [TAP5-2344] - text assets (including modules and stacks) should
assume a utf-8 charset, and incude ;charset=utf-8 in the response content
    * [TAP5-2351] - Missing Bootstrap CSS Source Map
    * [TAP5-2359] - LinkSubmit submits form twice on Internet Explorer
11/Windows 8.1
    * [TAP5-2361] - Overriding the default Bootstrap files can make
exception report or dashboard pages unreadable
    * [TAP5-2364] - Tapestry can use prohibited operations in some
environments, such as Google App Engine
    * [TAP5-2365] - PlasticUtilsTests."Do not urlencode file paths" fails
when using openjdk7
    * [TAP5-2370] - [JavaScript][utils] startsWith method unexpected
    * [TAP5-2377] - ComponentClassResolver should ensure that page names,
component types, mixin names uniquely identify a single class
    * [TAP5-2380] - [JavaScript][t5/core/dom] missused target on eventlink

** Dependency upgrade
    * [TAP5-2295] - Vulnerability in Tapestry-upload module due to
    * [TAP5-2379] - Upgrade to Less4j 1.8.1 and ANTLR 3.5.2
    * [TAP5-2381] - Upgrade to Hibernate 4.3.6.Final

** Documentation
    * [TAP5-2348] - Improve the JavaDoc for ComponentPageElement to explain
what it is for

** Improvement
    * [TAP5-244] - Let Grid show column headings when no data
    * [TAP5-336] - The Cookies service interface could be simplified using
a builder pattern
    * [TAP5-633] - Allow page classes to have a "Page" suffix that is not
included in the URL
    * [TAP5-672] - Translation for Vietnamese
    * [TAP5-952] - Make tapestry-core independent from test dependencies
    * [TAP5-1007] - When Tapestry is loading templates or other files on
case-insensitive OSs (Windows) it should trigger an error if the file name
case is incorrect (which will result in a runtime failure on case-sensitive
OSs, such as Linux)
    * [TAP5-1008] - The order in which zones are added to the
MultiZoneUpdate should be honored on the client side, to allow nested zones
to be updated all in a single request
    * [TAP5-1213] - ComponentResources should give access to generic
parameters of bound types
    * [TAP5-1249] - Select component and Bean Validator
    * [TAP5-1268] - Have Tapestry's core library contribute to the global
message catalog; move all validation messages and component catalogs to the
single file
    * [TAP5-1290] - Add required flag to @ActivationRequestParameter
    * [TAP5-1394] - Adding method to Cookies api that lets you set path,
domain, and maxAge at once.
    * [TAP5-1403] - Add support for Arrays in request parameters
    * [TAP5-1404] - Should be possible to perform an Ajax request without
linking the component (link or form) to a Zone
    * [TAP5-1405] - XHR requests should be easily callable from javascript
and not rely on a zone
    * [TAP5-1446] - Coercion from List to SelectModel should use the
SelectModelFactory service
    * [TAP5-1477] - Stack assets should return 404 in stead of exception if
they don't exist
    * [TAP5-1481] - In production mode, component event requests that
reference an unknown component should respond with a 404
    * [TAP5-1560] - Remove internal dependancies on deprecated features
    * [TAP5-1570] - Zone elements in the client should trigger events so
that the application can react to changes
    * [TAP5-1659] - PageLink: page parameter should accept page-classes and
    * [TAP5-1718] - Tapestry-beanvalidator isn't validating nested DTO
objects / Doesn't mark the invalid fields in the UI
    * [TAP5-1748] - Alerts component should render informal parameters
    * [TAP5-1756] - Let the asset path prefix be configurable
    * [TAP5-1767] - Making URLRewrite optionally available for smooth
    * [TAP5-1775] - Improve javascript performance while creating zone
    * [TAP5-1781] - Improve javascript load time of pages improving
    * [TAP5-1783] - Autocomplete mixin should provide clientId or context
    * [TAP5-1801] - Component fields should not need to be private, merely
    * [TAP5-1805] - Selectable Tree component look and feel is lacking in
user affordances
    * [TAP5-1808] - Change Form to (by default) immediately render markup
when there are validation errors, to avoid creating the session
    * [TAP5-1816] - Add CSS rule for DIV.t-exception-container to
default.css that sets a very high z-index
    * [TAP5-1820] - Default Exception Report Page should have a link to
discard component class loader and retry
    * [TAP5-1824] - New translations for Norwegian Bokmål
    * [TAP5-1827] - KaptchaField should have a parameter to allow it to
operate as a visible text field rather than a password field
    * [TAP5-1832] - Tapestry could do an even better job of filtering
unnecessary stack frames from the exception report
    * [TAP5-1840] - Add method Request.isSessionInvalidated()
    * [TAP5-1847] - An extension component template (with a root t:extend
element) should allow t:block elements to be nested
    * [TAP5-1849] - The text "Dismiss All" used in client-side Alerts is
not localized or localizable
    * [TAP5-1863] - Rendering components in Alerts
    * [TAP5-1866] - ZoneRefresh mixin should perform cleanup if the zone is
    * [TAP5-1878] - Default for parameter visible of component KaptchaField
should change from false to true
    * [TAP5-1889] - Improve integration test execution speed
    * [TAP5-1905] - Not serializable:
org.apache.tapestry5.tree.DefaultTreeExpansionModel - can't persist
sessions across cluster
    * [TAP5-1914] - Alerts needs a parameter to show/hide "Dismiss all"
    * [TAP5-1920] - Create old URL rewriter compatibility package for 5.3.4
    * [TAP5-1940] - Typo in interface
    * [TAP5-1970] - JSON API improvements
    * [TAP5-1978] - Make Errors component support displaying "global"
errors only
    * [TAP5-1987] - ProgressiveDisplay update parameter as a symbol
    * [TAP5-1990] - Link interface should be more fluid to allow setting of
anchor, etc., more concisely
    * [TAP5-1993] - Support returning an URL for an ajax request
    * [TAP5-1996] - Add Severity.SUCCESS enum for alerts
    * [TAP5-1998] - DateField does not validate dates properly
    * [TAP5-2012] - Make multiple same name service decoration methods
error message better
    * [TAP5-2013] - "Parameters" table often too wide in component javadocs
    * [TAP5-2022] - Add PropertyAccess.getAnnotation
    * [TAP5-2029] - Copy annotations from service implementation to proxy
(was JPA annotations expose implementation details in service interfaces)
    * [TAP5-2035] - Make it easier to choose another slf4j backend
    * [TAP5-2039] - Element.attribute() should treat "class" specially,
appending the new value to the old
    * [TAP5-2046] - Should use OperationTracker to track type of request
(ajax component event, traditional component event, page render request)
    * [TAP5-2050] - Grid sort icons should be added via CSS instead of
rendering an embedded img element
    * [TAP5-2051] - Fix Plastic objects memory leaks
    * [TAP5-2058] - Support X-Forwarded-Proto to identify a Request secured
    * [TAP5-2063] - Add support for multivalued parameters in Link
    * [TAP5-2070] - Respond with a HTTP 404 if the page is activated with
an activation context not explicitly supported by the page itself
    * [TAP5-2098] - JSONObject should keep its properties in the order in
which they were added
    * [TAP5-2102] - Allow supplying EntityManager properties via
    * [TAP5-2131] - Update Javadoc CSS to reflect changes in the html
generate by JDK7
    * [TAP5-2138] - Support multiple @PageActivationContext
    * [TAP5-2139] - It should be possible to control whether a given
JavaScript library is minimized or not
    * [TAP5-2149] - Support JavaScript aggregation of modules, not just
    * [TAP5-2151] - Convert from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3
    * [TAP5-2153] - Adapt quickstart archetype generated sources to be
bootstrap and 5.4 compatibile
    * [TAP5-2157] - Czech translations
    * [TAP5-2192] - Add support for distributed documentation
    * [TAP5-2196] - RequireJs custom path contribution - via Stacks or
    * [TAP5-2198] - Palette should add the form-control class to its selects
    * [TAP5-2202] - t5/core/dom:ElementWrapper.attribute() should remove an
element when setting its value to null
    * [TAP5-2203] - Popup Calendar used by DateField does not have an
option to cancel changes
    * [TAP5-2209] - Make JSONObject and JSONArray implement Serializable
    * [TAP5-2215] - Update Bootstrap to 3.0.1
    * [TAP5-2216] - Update Less4j and Closure Compiler
    * [TAP5-2224] - t5/core/ajax should return a RequestWrapper
    * [TAP5-2229] - Make the DatePicker script an AMD module
    * [TAP5-2235] - Implement JCache (JSR 107) support in Tapestry-IoC
    * [TAP5-2238] - When require-ing a module that is part of a JavaScript
Stack, the entire stack should be imported
    * [TAP5-2240] - Add a Confirm mixin that confirms a click, using a
Bootstrap modal dialog
    * [TAP5-2277] - Update momentjs
    * [TAP5-2283] - Update Bootstrap to 3.1.0
    * [TAP5-2284] - The Hibernate ENTITY session persistent strategy should
store transient entities as-is
    * [TAP5-2288] - Improve JavaDoc clarity for @Cached annotation.
    * [TAP5-2289] - Update Bootstrap to 3.1.1
    * [TAP5-2302] - Tapestry should ignore hashCode, equals and toString in
module classes
    * [TAP5-2309] - Hungarian localization for tapestry 5.4
    * [TAP5-2315] - Using tapestry-upload generates errors/warnings.
    * [TAP5-2318] - Module responses uses paranoid max-age: 0, should be
more liberal in production
    * [TAP5-2334] - Decrease number of operations with HashMap #1
    * [TAP5-2335] - Decrease number of operations with HashMap #2
    * [TAP5-2336] - Lock contention in AssetSourceImp
    * [TAP5-2343] - Allow compilation of Tapestry 5 codebase with JDK 8
    * [TAP5-2358] - OrderedConfiguration should have consistent ordering
    * [TAP5-2374] - Unnecessary boolean condition

** New Feature
    * [TAP5-682] - Add client-side event triggered before a Zone is updated
after an Ajax request
    * [TAP5-938] - Expose ability to render a portion of a page (a Block,
Component, etc.) without using internal services
    * [TAP5-999] - Implement an agnostic tapestry.js layer + adapters to
allow developers to switch from prototype to jquery
    * [TAP5-1168] - Add @Operation annotation that can be used to
automatically track a component or service method invocation using the
    * [TAP5-1506] - Add ability to assemble pages and components at startup
    * [TAP5-1515] - Support for external assets
    * [TAP5-1611] - out-of-the-box way in Tapestry for replacing components
    * [TAP5-1740] - The default exception report page should include
actions to clear the session and return to the home (or root index) page
    * [TAP5-1794] - Allow for configuring Selenium-based integration tests
using an annotation
    * [TAP5-1807] - In development mode, Tapestry should include a <meta>
tag to identify the active page
    * [TAP5-1809] - Option to render a particular page instance in its
current state (without page activation)
    * [TAP5-1815] - Translators and/or Validators should override the
<input> element's type attribute where appropriate to use HTML5 types
    * [TAP5-1833] - Merge functionality of Tynamo.org's
tapestry-exceptionpage module with the built-in ExceptionHandler
    * [TAP5-1843] - Allow all of the properties of the Messages services to
be accessed
    * [TAP5-1857] - Add a SubmitMode (for Submit and LinkSubmit components)
for unconditionally submitting the form
    * [TAP5-1944] - Add basic integration between Tapestry and Clojure
    * [TAP5-2055] - Polish translations
    * [TAP5-2065] - Introduce support for MongoDB access as a service
    * [TAP5-2094] - E-Tags support
    * [TAP5-2174] - Add a CLI to Jetty7Runner, to make it easier to script
    * [TAP5-2251] - Add LocalDate component to present formatted date/time
in client's time zone
    * [TAP5-2253] - TimeInterval component - display localized interval
between two dates
    * [TAP5-2260] - Add support for CDI
    * [TAP5-2305] - Create a @Sortable annotation for properties
    * [TAP5-2310] - Add ability to store component actions that are only
executed when the form is cancelled
    * [TAP5-2352] - Add hooks to StreamableResource to enable special
Response logic
    * [TAP5-2371] - Prevent interaction with page until fully loaded

** Task
    * [TAP5-1518] - Remove ClassFactory / ClassFab / Javassist Dependency
    * [TAP5-1738] - Remove code deprecated in Tapestry 5.3 or earlier
    * [TAP5-1780] - Upgrade Selenium dependency to 2.14.0
    * [TAP5-1790] - Update Tapestry build to create a binary release
archive (in addition to a source and javadoc archive)
    * [TAP5-1792] - Upgrade Tapestry/Spring integration to Spring
    * [TAP5-1810] - Remove deprecated "suppress redirects from action" code
    * [TAP5-1826] - Setup the Sonar plugin to let analysis.apache.org
analyze the source base
    * [TAP5-1852] - Upgrade Plastic to use ASM 4.0
    * [TAP5-1909] - Update Underscore JavaScript library to latest version
    * [TAP5-1922] - Upgrade Hibernate dependency to latest, Hibernate
    * [TAP5-1965] - Replace use of Request.getContextPath() with a symbol
defined at application startup
    * [TAP5-1989] - Upgrade bundled Prototype to version 1.7.1
    * [TAP5-2161] - Remove the t5/core/grid module
    * [TAP5-2299] - Update the gradle wrapper version from 1.3 to the latest

** Wish
    * [TAP5-1027] - DatePicker component: "None", "Today" buttons
    * [TAP5-1501] - Asset Inheritance
    * [TAP5-2292] - Autocomplete Mixin shows only 5 suggestions
    * [TAP5-2353] - It should be possible to unregister DOM event listeners

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