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From Michael Link <>
Subject Re: time for a common library?
Date Mon, 21 Jan 2002 17:04:48 GMT
Something like this would be useful for mod_tcl, I know I have a bunch of
similar functions that are implemented everywhere else also.  (base64,
cookie parsing, MIME parsing etc).  Wasn't this what apreq was supposed to
accomplish?  I haven't kept up with apreq, but I know the reason I
couldn't use it at the time was because it wasn't compatible with Apache


On 21 Jan 2002, David N. Welton wrote:

> Jason Brazile <> writes:
> > I have one general comment. I don't know really know all of the
> > API's that you are trying to unify, but one idea I'd like to suggest
> > is the idea of possibly adding streaming interfaces.
> Basically, the same API that WebSH unifies, although I want to attempt
> to offload as much as possible in the Apache version of the backend.
> For instance:
> int
> TclWeb_Base64Encode(char *out, char *in, TclWebRequest *req)
> {
>     out = ap_pbase64encode(TCLWEBPOOL, in);
>     return TCL_OK;
> }
> Also a few things to get variables, cookie information, and so forth.
> The goal would be to make this a library (and purely at the C level,
> at that - no Tcl commands), so that it is useful beyond Rivet
> (mod_tcl? some future version of websh?), and at the same time, a
> defined API that can have different backends (IIS? AOLServer?
> Roxen?).
> > It might make it easier and/or more efficient to pipeline
> > encoding/decoding procedures. I don't know the Tcl (memory) channel
> > concept all that well, but perhaps this can be used as a possible
> > representation of a streaming interface.
> The channel stuff is pretty cool, and might be useful in some fashion
> for the file upload system, but other things are probably small enough
> that they are best left simple.  The only place I use base64, for
> instance, is in decoding the USER_AUTH information (user/pass), which
> is just a small string.
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