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hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-518. Enforce a timeout on the client when submitting to a tez session. (hitesh) Tue, 01 Oct, 20:39
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-493. Task JVMs hanging around even after the AM/app has completed. (hitesh) Tue, 01 Oct, 23:02
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-371. Time out AM after a certain period if no DAG submitted. (hitesh) Tue, 01 Oct, 23:53
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-397. Add support for getting status of a tez session. (hitesh) Wed, 02 Oct, 18:39
hit...@apache.org [1/2] git commit: TEZ-489. Remove ljr_helper from tez codebase. (hitesh) Thu, 03 Oct, 06:18
hit...@apache.org   [2/2] git commit: TEZ-522. Remove obsolete example_jobs dir. (hitesh) Thu, 03 Oct, 06:18
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-523. Fix rat:check warnings. (hitesh) Thu, 03 Oct, 06:36
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-524. Remove spurious import in TezSession. (hitesh) Thu, 03 Oct, 20:41
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-525. Expose DAG api to get vertex by name (bikas) Fri, 04 Oct, 00:50
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-531. DAG_SCHEDULER_UPDATE not handled in ERROR state of DAGImpl (bikas) Sun, 06 Oct, 01:02
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-534. Add an InputFormat that combines original splits into groups (bikas) Tue, 08 Oct, 01:29
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-536. Fix a couple of bugs in the BroadcastShuffleManager which was causing it to not fetch inputs at times. (sseth) Tue, 08 Oct, 06:44
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-526. Fixes a race in container heartbeat where the TaskAttemptId was being sent even after a task completes. Contributed by Hitesh Shah. Wed, 09 Oct, 02:12
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-538. Change TaskImpl.getTaskAttemptTezEvents to return a copy of the sublist() - to fix a ConcurrentModificationException. (sseth) Wed, 09 Oct, 02:58
ss...@apache.org [1/3] TEZ-46. Add compute capability to Inputs specified directly on a Vertex. (sseth) Wed, 09 Oct, 17:32
ss...@apache.org   [2/3] git commit: TEZ-46. Add compute capability to Inputs specified directly on a Vertex. (sseth) Wed, 09 Oct, 17:32
ss...@apache.org   [3/3] git commit: TEZ-515. Send MapReduce split information over RPC (to AM and to tasks from the AM). (sseth) Wed, 09 Oct, 17:32
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-537. Add support for session jars and pre-warming of containers to be re-used across a session. (hitesh) Wed, 09 Oct, 22:18
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-545. Fix TestVertexImpl test failure related to committer. (hitesh) Wed, 09 Oct, 22:53
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ_546. Session diagnostics does not have killed dags count. (hitesh) Wed, 09 Oct, 22:57
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-540. job sometimes fails on launch when using session mode. (hitesh) Thu, 10 Oct, 00:47
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-547. Clean up reporting section in pom.xml. (hitesh) Thu, 10 Oct, 01:07
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-520. Generate splits within the AM. (sseth) Thu, 10 Oct, 18:01
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-548. Fix a bug in BroadcastShuffleManager which was causing it to hang if an error occurred in the Scheduler thread. Also fixed the error in the thread. (sseth) Thu, 10 Oct, 18:08
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-549. Fix logging in pre-warmed containers. (hitesh) Thu, 10 Oct, 23:23
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-552. BroadcastShuffleManager should check await condition within a lock. (sseth) Fri, 11 Oct, 07:59
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-551. Edge should route events to the destination vertex, instead of directly to destination tasks (bikas) Mon, 14 Oct, 05:30
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-554. VertexImpl should handle V_SOURCE_TASK_ATTEMPT_COMPLETED event at INITED and INITIALIZING state. (sseth) Mon, 14 Oct, 06:36
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-556. Incorrect exception message in LogicalIOProcessorRuntimeTask. (Mark Wagner via hitesh) Mon, 14 Oct, 15:23
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-558. Optionally send broadcast output in the DataMovementEvent if the size of the data is small. (sseth) Mon, 14 Oct, 23:36
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-560. Change MRInputLegacy to avoid RecordReader initialization in the handleEvent call. (sseth) Tue, 15 Oct, 01:13
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-553. Mini mrr tez cluster should setup Yarn site automatically (bikas) Tue, 15 Oct, 01:30
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-541. Containers should exit when a heartbeat fails (bikas) Tue, 15 Oct, 01:32
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-560 addedndum. Change MRInputLegacy to avoid RecordReader initialization in the handleEvent call. Allow MRInputLegacy to work without an init call. (sseth) Tue, 15 Oct, 01:59
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-561. Change MRHelper byte helpers to use compression. (sseth) Tue, 15 Oct, 06:54
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-486. Parallelize Input/Output/Processor initialization post TEZ-396 changes. (sseth) Tue, 15 Oct, 23:10
hit...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-563. Support simple container re-use across DAGs within a session. (hitesh) Wed, 16 Oct, 20:28
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-539. Task finish time not being populated correctly. (sseth) Thu, 17 Oct, 18:27
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-565. Locality Counter not being set correctly. (sseth) Thu, 17 Oct, 20:17
bi...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-544.Group splits in the AM and use capacity to decide number of splits (bikas) Thu, 17 Oct, 23:37
bi...@apache.org git commit: Addendum. TEZ-544.Group splits in the AM and use capacity to decide number of splits (bikas) Fri, 18 Oct, 00:27
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-567. Generate Shuffle/job token once per AM. (sseth) Fri, 18 Oct, 02:03
ss...@apache.org git commit: TEZ-570. Change IFileInputStream to not read from Configuration on instance creation. (sseth) Mon, 21 Oct, 17:13
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