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From "Johan Stuyts" <>
Subject Re: [thrift] Thrift newbie..... where do i start.....
Date Thu, 05 Jun 2008 14:03:37 GMT
Hi Pratyush,

First, this list will be closed in the future. The list for these kind of  
questions is the Thrift user list at Apache (incubator). You can join this  
list by sending an e-mail with subject 'subscribe' (without the quotes) to:

> Is there any documentation to start with, i.e. if i wanted to create a?  
> JAVA interface to hypertable APIs. Since i have never used this before i  
> just want to know where to start.
> Also if anybody could tell me the basic steps i need to follow in order  
> to do the job it would be of great help.

There is not much documentation yet. But to get started you will need the  
following information:
- the Thrift file containing the definition of the structures, services,  
etc. of hypertable
- the details about the transport and protocol used by hypertable:
   - transport: which port is used?
   - transport: is it a raw TCP socket or over HTTP?
   - protocol: is the binary, JSON or maybe a custom serialization protocol  

Once you have this information you can use the Thrift compiler to generate  
Java classes for you. Run the compiler without arguments to get help:
   <path to compiler>/thrift -gen java:beans

After generating the Java classes you can add them to your project. Use  
the classes in the Thrift Java libary to setup a connection over which the  
generated classes will communicate. For an example see the sources of the  
test classes in 'test/java'. You can check out the source code from:

Kind regards,

Johan Stuyts

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