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From Garrett>
Subject Re: Thrift python library
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2009 15:44:16 GMT
The Python server implementation is *very* simple and looks like it follows the pattern used
by other Python server implementations (inspired by or using directly the SocketServer module).

I do know that it responds to signals such as keyboard interrupts -- you might be able to
stop it via the Python signal module.

Alternatively -- and I'd be inclined to take this approach as signal is not consistent across
platforms -- is to copy and modify the threaded server code and add a 'running' flag that's
set to False via a stop method.

----- "Franis Sirkovic" <> wrote:

> Hey all,
> I need a help. I have looked at thrift python library and I noticed a
> difference between csharp (or java) and python libraries. I see no
> stop()
> method in python servers (TSimpleServer, TThreadedServer). Is this
> difference result of standard python libraries (threading, socket)?
> I would like to be able to stop the server.  Also, I would like a
> possibility to restart a server without application restart.
> Do you have similar requirements?
> Do you use python servers from daemon threads?
> Best wishes, Franis Sirkovic.

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