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From Michael Greene <>
Subject Re: Some thoughts about changes to Thrift
Date Thu, 12 Mar 2009 19:28:24 GMT
I don't know *why* it's a hassle, but it is.  It's just a pain to set up.
I'm not sure exactly why I can't build it with whatever build environment I
want, that's a good point.  Most of what I know about MinGW and MSYS comes
from trying to get Thrift to work smoothly for me, and I've never been able
to figure out how to generate a flex lib that VC++ can link.

Additionally, I follow roughly the same instructions each time (those on the
wiki) but there are usually weeks between setting up different systems for
development internally here, and each time it's magic whether it works for
me in the first hour or not (or whether I give up).  I realize this is vague
and sounds like an ignorant response, but I've been working with Thrift for
awhile and this describes my experience on Windows.  Based on the many
messages on the lists and IRC, it's clear that others have difficulty as

On Sat, Mar 7, 2009 at 10:14 PM, David Reiss <> wrote:

> Why is it such a hassle?  Why can't you build it with whatever
> build environment you want?
> Michael Greene wrote:
> > David Reiss <> wrote:
> >>> Right now, we can't do Windows because it's *impossible* for our code
> >>> to run on that architecture due to lack of libraries. Any other
> >>> language that runs well on a lot of platforms (Java, Ruby, Python...)
> >>> would be fine if our only goal is cross-platform capabilities.
> >> I don't understand.  Haven't people already built the compiler on
> >> Windows?
> >>
> >
> > Yes, people have already built the compiler on Windows.  It's my
> > primary development platform.  However, it is a huge hassle.  Both of
> > the building options require some form of POSIX emulation for the
> > build environment (whether Cygwin or MinGW) and getting the
> > dependencies right to prevent this environment being required in the
> > resulting executable is a bit of magic.  Each time I get the toolchain
> > setup on a new Windows system I always screw something up in the
> > process, and half the time end up leaving the Cygwin dependency out of
> > convenience, since most of the time I only need to generate code and
> > don't need to distribute the artifacts.  It's comparable to the
> > compiler requiring Wine to build in *NIX environments, and practically
> > requiring Wine to run in *NIX environments.
> >
> > Garrett, I have also been toying with Python generation.  I'd
> > appreciate a ping if you get to any substantial milestone or even a
> > plateau with code.
> >
> > Michael

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