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From David Reiss <>
Subject Re: Python server over HTTP, HTTPS -- How?
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 18:34:12 GMT
Do you want to file a JIRA issue and attach this so we can include it
with Thrift?

Esteve Fernandez wrote:
> Hi Brian
>> It turns out that I need a highly efficient server.  I'm a one-man
>> shop and am limited in the number of servers I can afford to deploy.
> I can't recommend using Twisted highly enough :-) So I've attached a web
> server that should be compatible with the one that Thrift ships, but using
> Twisted. You'll have to take care of initializing your handler, processor,
> etc. though.
> BTW, if you think that returning NOT_DONE_YET and having a separate _cbProcess
> method is a bit confusing, don't worry. We (Twisted) are working on returning
> Deferreds directly from the render method [1]
> Cheers.
> 1 -

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