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From Brian Hammond <>
Subject Python server over HTTP, HTTPS -- How?
Date Fri, 03 Apr 2009 02:45:45 GMT

I'm new to Thrift and have a general question about server deployment.

Part of my service requirement is similar to what EverNote is doing  
with their web service implementation. For a few reasons, they have  
decided to use HTTP as the transport (keep-alive, etc.).  Also, they  
don't want to send user credentials to the service without  
encryption.  So they've deployed their web service to support Thrift  
over HTTP and for the user-authentication part, over HTTPS.

 From the EverNote API docs at


> Thrift represents the API as a set of structures and procedures on  
> the client, which marshal into binary messages that are transmitted  
> as HTTP requests.  Since HTTP is used as the low-level transport for  
> the EDAM messages over Thrift, these requests can take advantage of  
> standard HTTP tricks like keep-alive, load balancing, etc.


> The UserStore should always be accessed via SSL using a Thrift  
> TBinaryProtocol wrapping a THttpClient transport through the  
> following URL: <snip>

I'm assuming EverNote is running the PHP generated "server" since  
their staging/testing web service box is running Apache.

What I'm curious about is how I can do all of the following:

1) use SSL to encrypt user credentials
2) write my service implementation in python

I guess there's a few options for python but none completely solve  
both of these requirements.

1) use the Twisted python generator and run a daemon with twistd
2) deploy to nginx/apache with mod_wsgi and somehow hook-in support  
for decoding HTTP / HTTPS requests as Thrift RPCs.

In the first option I would have to run Twisted's webserver with SSL  
support.  This is different from the Twisted code generator solution  
which generates a standalone Twisted-based server.  Thus, I'm not sure  
how to continue with this option.

For the second option I am not sure there's the equivalent support in  
the python server code generator to do the equivalent of TPhpStream  
for python.  Again, I'm new to Thrift so maybe this option is not as  
hard as I think it is to setup.


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