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From xu xiong <>
Subject Re: Using thrift as part of a game network protocol
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 15:00:30 GMT
> In a typical Thrift RPC system you'd create a MyService.Processor on your
> server and a MyService.Client on your client. To do bidirectional async
> message sending you'll need to go a step further and create a
> MyService.Client on your server for each client that connects (this can be
> accomplished by providing your own TProcessorFactory) and then on each
> client you create a MyService.Processor. (This assumes that you've gone with
> a generic MyService definition like you described above that has a bunch of
> optional messages, another option would be to define separate service
> definitions for the client and server.) With two clients connected the
> objects in existence would look something like this:

I want to follow Joel's example to implement it in python, but there's
no TProcessorFactory in the thrift python library.
How can I write to the client connection?


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