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From "Esteve Fernandez" <>
Subject Re: thrift + python twisted
Date Tue, 07 Jul 2009 11:23:21 GMT
Hi Matthieu

> However i noticed someting interresting: i have some client test code
> that at some point calls a server function with as parameter a list of
> structures of size 10000. This worked perfecly well with the default
> server implementation, but it raises a socket error exception when
> connecting to the twisted thrift server implementation. The only
> difference in the client code is using TFramedTransport instead of
> TBufferedTransport. If i reduce the size of the list to 3000 items
> instead of 10000, it works well.

This is because Twisted's IntNStringReceiver sets a limit on 99999 bytes per
message, I just filed a bug (THRIFT-335 [1]) and added a patch that should fix
this (setting MAX_LENGTH to 2 ** 31).


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