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From Jonathan Marcus <>
Subject Re: Performance issue
Date Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:59:52 GMT
I guess there aren't too many other C# users on this list, but I've also 
had a similar problem. I've posted about it before (on 4/24/2009), but 
there weren't any answers.

I've used a sniffer and looked at the wire traffic for a simple test 
case, and I experience ~100ms latency from the first client->server data 
packet until the first response, on every single request.

Has anybody has a successful C# implementation? If so, can you describe 
your setup, so that hopefully I can mimic it?


Diego Jancic wrote:
> Hi Guys!,
> I'm exploring thrift for using it in c#, but I'm a little bit new to Thrift,
> Linux, and all that stuff.
> Anyways, I compiled the example in trunk/test/csharp/ and ran it, but I
> guess it's taking too long.
> I've got 2 PCs, connected thru a 100 MB wired-network. One has Ubuntu and
> the other has an WinXP
> And the benchmarks are:
> Server on Ubuntu <---> Client on Ubuntu  ............ 1.71 sec
> Server on XP     <---> Client on XP      ............ 0.22 sec 
> Server on Ubuntu <---> Client on XP      ............ 4.27 sec 
> Server on XP     <---> Client on Ubuntu  ............ 4.26 sec
> I guess all are really slow times, even the XP-XP test. But I cannot
> understand how can the Ubuntu-Ubuntu is working so slow.
> The other configurations (Ubuntu-XP, and XP-Ubuntu) maybe are working so
> slow due to the Ubuntu side, cause I don't guess a router with only 2
> machines can make that work that way.
> All tests are running over Mono, I'm gonna *try* to build another version of
> the example to test it.
> Thanks for any tip,
> Diego

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