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From Mike Lovell <>
Subject Human Readable Protocols for python
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 04:28:51 GMT
First off, hello everyone.

I am new to Thrift and am experimenting with using it in an application 
I use. Currently, the data for the application is just stored in a text 
file with a read only python library wrapped around it. I am wanting 
something a little better and supporting multiple languages. So Thift is 
an intriguing technology.

But I am wondering, is there a python based protocol that is human 
readable? From looking at the source, it appears that the only protocol 
really available for python is the TBinaryProtocol (yes there is also 
TBinaryProtocolAccelerated). I am wanting something that is human 
readable and able to both read and write objects to and from the file. 
Having this would make changing to a Thrift based data store a lot 
easier to sell to my co-workers. I am thinking of writing one but I am 
not a great programmer and would definitely like to build on what 
someone else has already done.

Thanks in advance.


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