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From Bruce Simpson <>
Subject Building Thrift with SCons
Date Sat, 29 Aug 2009 12:09:02 GMT
Hi all,

We recently cut over to SCons, from GNU Autotools, in the XORP tree, 
which is now public again:

So far this has been a win for us -- it is now much easier for us to 
deploy new components in the tree, and maintenance is easier too, 
assuming developers are Python-literate.

I wanted to ask if there is interest in SConsifying the Thrift tree, and 
if anyone has already been working on this? It is likely I will need to 
hack Thrift significantly to do the following:
 * integrate Rush Manbert's excellent ASIO work;
 * streamline the client/server stubs, and separate those which are 
generated for C++;
 * introduce support for fully async client-side invocation, with or 
without futures (which XORP needs).

Please let me know -- I'd like to start work on this as soon as 
possible, and would like to avoid duplicating existing effort.


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