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From Samir Mulder <>
Subject Re: Perl's Bit::Vector module on Solaris 9
Date Fri, 14 Aug 2009 15:11:47 GMT

assuming you have root permissions on the box, you may want to look  
into Blastwave (

It has a Solaris package (pm_bitvector) for this Perl module. You'll  
need to install their Perl as well then. It all goes under /opt/csw  
and won't 'interfere' with anything else on your box.

You'll also find development packages (make, gcc, etc.) in case you  
want to build from scratch.

Hope this helps.


On Aug 13, 2009, at 11:38 PM, Greg Stich wrote:

> Hello thrift users,
> we are running a Solaris 9 system where I already managed to run a  
> Thrift
> server on (basis Java 5 with libthrift.jar).
> The Thrift binary has been compiled on Windows/Cygwin, so stubs and  
> other
> classes are generated there and then moved to Solaris.
> What we need is a binding to Perl. My plan is implementing the  
> busines logic
> in Java, then calling it from Perl scripts (we're forced to use Perl  
> as
> client).
> To use Thrift/Perl, the Perl module Bit::Vector is neceessary.  
> However,
> this one depends on a C library and furthermore "make" and other  
> compiler
> utilities are needed and I myself do not have access to these tools.
> Do you have an idea how this can be circumvented? Is there a
> standalone-version of this module, statically bound to that C  
> library, for
> Solaris?
> Or is there a way of using Thrift with Perl, however without  
> Bit::Vector?...
> Kind regards and thanks for your help,
> Greg

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