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From David Reiss <>
Subject Re: question on UDP
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2009 17:14:28 GMT
> 1) Does it support UDP based RPC calls ? For example server receives a request on UDP
port and sends back the response to client's UDP port. The client would match request and
response using a messageId field. I prefer this over TCP based RPC as I need not handle reconnecvity
issues when either server or client goes down and comes back.

> 2) Does thrift support framing for messages? That would be a great place for me to add
messageId field.
Yes.  There is a TFramedTransport that uses the message size as a header.
There is also a sequence number field in the call and return messages,
though it is currently not set.

> 3) How does it handle endianness of different hardware/os platforms ? 
It should work, though I doubt it has been thoroughly tested.


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