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From Bruce Simpson <>
Subject Re: Thrift on Wikipedia
Date Sat, 12 Sep 2009 23:56:30 GMT
Cyber Cobra wrote:
> ...
> 1. Is there a specification document for Thrift (besides just the code
> itself)? I was unable to locate one.

The wire-level protocol is documented in doc/thrift.bnf in the source 
tree, in Backus-Naur format.

Most of the Thrift protocols use some derivation of this -- 
TBinaryProtocol is probably the most direct reflection of it. The other 
protocols (e.g. TCompactProtocol., TDenseProtocol) try to optimize for 
space in some way.

TDenseProtocol needs language reflection support, as it abbreviates the 
type fields so as only to send them once, if possible. The C++ generator 
injects these in the form of TypeSpecs.

> 2. Does Thrift take inspiration from or base itself on any other
> formats? I don't think so, but just need to double-check.

The closest relative is probably Pillar, but this similarity is purely 


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