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From Bruce Simpson <>
Subject Re: No C++ types output from Thrift compiler on Windows
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2009 03:38:23 GMT
Mark Schmit wrote:
> Did this not go through or do people simply not build on (or care about
> thrift compiler on) Windows?  Has anyone else encountered similar problems?
> -Mark

Give MinGW + MSYS a try. It will not attempt to shim all of the POSIX 
APIs the way Cygwin does, but you might have better luck with it. The 
MSYS developer tools are needed to run configure scripts, and it has a 
GNU make.

Have a look at the XORP BUILD_NOTES for step-by-step instructions on 
installing that stack of developer tools. We're not supporting Win32, 
for the moment, in XORP, due to a lack of active maintainership or 
current interest from Microsoft:-

Scroll down to "Windows Server 2003".

MinGW applications link directly against the Microsoft C Runtime, 
MSVCRT.DLL, shipped in all versions of Windows since Windows 98. One 
known issue with that DLL is that snprintf() has a very different return 
value from how it is implemented in the popular UNIX-like systems.

If you need a Win32 Python, try the ActiveState build -- I have had 
better luck with it in the past. good luck!

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