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From Bryan Duxbury <>
Subject Re: Thrift async capabailities
Date Sat, 13 Feb 2010 18:24:13 GMT
On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 10:03 PM, MSR <> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am trying to get information about thrift capabilities and see if it is a
> good fit for our project. I have been trying to read documentation and
> mailing lists.
> I have a few question.s and really appreciate if someone can answer them.
>  Lets say I have two services,
> Foo1();
> Foo2();
> On The server Side:(C++)
> 1. I want to be able to run on Single Port (for both services) and support
> large (thousands) number clients. Is this possible?
I believe that someone has done some work on multiplexing services on a
single port, but I wouldn't bet that functionality is available. Is there
any reason that you *must* have two separate service definitions and exactly
one port? Your life will be easier if you can combine the services or use
two ports.

Thousands of clients are no problem, if your server hardware can handle that
kind of load.

> 2. I want thread support. i.e. I want both Foo1 and Foo2 to run
> simultaneously on different threads.
The internal thread model of your server's application logic is what
determines this, combined with the Thrift server implementation you use. I
don't have firsthand c++ experience, but in Java we have servers that are
explicitly single-threaded, multi-threaded, and thread pooled. I am certain
c++ has some of the same set of servers.

> 3. Can I send responses asynchronously at much later time? i.e. lets say
> Foo1 needs to talk to some other server to get the answer. Obviously, I
> don't want my thread to be blocked on that. I would like to be able send
> the
> response back at a later without blocking anywhere.
Thrift does not directly support "asynchronous" responses. Your server can
block as long as the client is willing to wait to return a response, though.
If you don't want the client to have to wait, then you should implement a
separate method on your service that lets the client check back in for

> 4. Can there be multiple pending calls for the same service from the same
> client. My code can differentiate which call came from which client.
If you want to be able to send more than one request from the client before
getting a response, you should use "oneway" methods a separate method or
methods to check back in for responses later. Thrift does not currently
implement a general message-passing type of communication like you describe.

> 5.On the same note, can responses be sent out of order?
Again, the client is what dictates the order responses will be received, if
you are using the "check back" approach.

> On the client side(C#)
> 1. Can I use one connection to request multiple services?
This depends on whether that aforementioned multiplexing work was ever
completed or not. I would tend to believe no.

> 2. Similar to question 4 above. Can the client make multiple pending RPC
> calls on the same connection (My code will know which response corresponds
> to which request).
Yes, if you use oneway methods and a check back approach.


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