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From Anner van Hardenbroek <>
Subject Re: Store client data in server thread?
Date Mon, 10 May 2010 12:51:34 GMT



Anner van Hardenbroek

On 6 mei 2010, at 06:04, Adam Simpkins <> wrote:

> I've been working on a patch to support this functionality by adding
> processor factories.  It allows you to create a new handler object for
> each client connection.  Your handler class can then store whatever
> connection-specific state it wants.
> When a new connection arrives, the server code calls the processor
> factory and passes in some context about the connection.  The
> processor factory can always return a pointer to the same processor
> object, to be compatible with the current thrift behavior.  However,
> you can also have it create a new processor+handler for each
> connection, to achieve the one-handler-per-connection behavior.
> One downside is that it requires some effort to update existing
> services to use this model if they've already been written to store
> global state in the handler object.
> So far my code is only for C++.  It will probably be several more
> weeks at least before I'll have a patch ready to submit to the JIRA.
> (I think my change depends on some other C++ patches we've made at
> Facebook that still need to get pushed out to the JIRA first.)
> --  
> Adam Simpkins
> On Wed, May 05, 2010 at 08:33:55PM -0700, Bryan Duxbury wrote:
>> People have asked for this in the past, and unfortunately we don't  
>> currently
>> offer it. What kind of interface do think we should support? I'd  
>> love to see
>> a patch for this (hint hint).
>> As a fallback, you could always make a custom Server implementation  
>> based
>> off of one of the existing servers that doesn't use a thread pool  
>> in this
>> fashion, which would let you use ThreadLocals.
>> -Bryan
>> On Wed, May 5, 2010 at 7:39 PM, Kenny MacDermid
>> <>wrote:
>>> Is there any recommended way to store information about the  
>>> connected
>>> client in Thrift?
>>> I was looking to store the client information the way Cassandra  
>>> does, using
>>> ThreadLocal<> stores in the Server, but it appears this doesn't  
>>> work.
>>> Threads will be reused by the thread pool, so client information  
>>> could be
>>> reused.
>>> I'd like a way for clients to login() and not have to send a  
>>> cookie back
>>> with all future requests. Is this possible?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Kenny

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