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From Mayan Moudgill <>
Subject Re: heterogeneous collections
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 17:09:23 GMT

Alex Boisvert wrote:

> In this case, I'm actually not looking for something optimal in terms of
> efficiency.  The data structures I'm passing in are small and the services
> I'm calling are coarse-grained so the transport+marshalling costs should be
> relatively insignificant compared to what happens in the service.

Have you actually measured this? Why do you think that this might be the 

>   In other
> words, I'm optimizing for convenience and descriptive interfaces over
> cpu/memory/bandwidth.

I understand that, but being sloppy about performance can lead to real 
pain. Consider the case where an efficient implementation fits in a 
single CPU. Being a little sloppy means that you have to go to a 
multi-threaded implementation, but within a chip. Being a lot sloppy 
means that you may have to go to a distributed implementation....

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