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From Bjorn Borud <>
Subject Re: RPC for java/python with rest support, HTML monitoring and goodies
Date Tue, 04 May 2010 08:23:38 GMT
Ran Tavory <> writes:
> - Web form debugging

by this you mean having the option to perform RPC calls by filling in a
form in your browser?  yeah, that is a surprisingly useful feature.

> the internal google rpc is nice, yes, but unfortunately only google has
> it...

from what I understand they would like to release it, but the problem is
that doing so would mean a lot of work and nobody has had the time to do
it.  of course, the next best thing would be to borrow some of
the good ideas.

the one thing I am missing the most from Thrift right now is some way to
associate credentials with a call in a way that doesn't get in a
developer's face.  right now I have to add these things in-band and this
is inelegant.  I mentioned that I might get some time to think about
this later this year, but I think there are people who want to, and are
able to, addres this earlier.

> I've seen a few public RPC frameworks based on protobuf but couldn't tell
> how ready they are.

well, I am an ex-googler and would naturally like to use protobuf, but I
chose Thrift, so that should probably tell you something about how ready
I feel the protobuf based RPC mechanisms are :-).


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