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From Roger Meier <>
Subject Re: C++ THttpServer?
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 18:56:42 GMT
Thanks, Richard!

I like to use lighttpd or something comparable like apache or cherokee.

The Interface for the Thrift service via http (application/x-thrift) 
might be Fastcgi, scgi or http. However lighttpd supports all of them.

The thing I'm looking for already exists in PHP, Python and Ruby (e.g., But I like to provide services written in C++ on a 
embedded device via http.

I look for a counterpart of lib/cpp/src/transport/THttpClient.cpp
e.g lib/cpp/src/transport/THttpServer.cpp

Does anybody have something like that?
Or should I use one of the existing Thrift Http Servers to provide the 
data via HTTP?



Am 27.05.2010 22:17, schrieb Richard Salz:
>> I like to implement a Thrift HTTP Server in C++.
> There's lots of options. One starting point is this table:
> It
> doesn't mention G-Wan, which I find very appealing:
> --
> STSM, WebSphere Appliance Architect

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