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From "James King" <>
Subject RE: Using Thrift in Visual Studio 2008
Date Fri, 25 Jun 2010 16:53:48 GMT
To resolve the clunkiness: On your windows development system set up a
Cygwin environment and build the compiler.  Then download the patch in
Jira issue 740 and integrate it into your Visual Studio 2008 development
environment.  You can then add .thrift files into the IDE and they will
auto-compile into C# code.  You do not have to force everyone to install
Cygwin and build the Thrift compiler; if you put the compiler and a few
DLLs into a well-known place then everybody on your team can use Jira
patch 740 and treat .thrift files natively in the IDE.

- Jim

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From: Andrew Zimmer [] 
Sent: Friday, June 25, 2010 7:50 AM
Subject: Re: Using Thrift in Visual Studio 2008

I would like to be able to build thrift using VS2008, but because it's
rather hard to do this, I resorted to building the compiler on OSX,
moving the generated C# classes over to windows, and building the
runtime as Rush describes.  It works well enough, but it feels a bit
clunky to me.

I'm not a .NET/COM wizard, but I need to make some COM objects that call
Thrift so that--egads!--I can have some ancient vb6 code talk to Thrift
services.  I'm about to buy a book on .NET/COM and VS, but I thought I'd
ask this group if anyone has any experience wrapping C# Thrift bindings
into COM objects, or if there's a way to autogenerate various COM
annotations for C# classes.

So far I'm a big fan of Thrift.  Our perl clients love it, the server
side java code is clean, and our PHP customers are happy.


Rush Manbert wrote:
> Actually, this prompts me to ask the question:
> I know of 2 users besides myself. (We are in the process of releasing
a product based on this work) Has anyone else used it or tried it, etc?
There were a number of people who expressed interesst while I was
developing the code, but I haven't heard from anyone but the 2 that I
> - Rush
> On Jun 24, 2010, at 9:09 AM, Bryan Duxbury wrote:
>> I would add, if you do update the patch for your purposes, please 
>> contribute it back.
>> On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 8:40 AM, Rush Manbert <>
>>> There is a patch available, but the following caveats apply:
>>> 1) It does not build the compiler, just the runtime libs. So you 
>>> need to process your IDL on another platform and bring the generated

>>> code to the Windows platform. We develop for Mac and Windows, so we 
>>> generate the code on the Mac, check it into our repository, and 
>>> check it out on Wiindows. It's painful for our guys who only like to

>>> develop on Windows, but they're wrong to think that way anyway so we

>>> (who like to develop on the Mac) win. ;-)
>>> 2) It is based on the state of the Thrift code as of Sept. 24, 2009,

>>> when I checked out the head of the SVN repository. I haven't had the

>>> time to update it since then.
>>> 3) It was developed using VS 2005. It can be converted, but the last

>>> person who did it ran into a couple of problems that I fixed for 
>>> him, but I have never had the time to roll the fixes back into the 
>>> patch. I'm swamped at work these days, so don't really have much
time to help.
>>> Given all that, if you're still interested, the patch is attached to

>>> JIRA 591.
>>> - Rush
>>> On Jun 24, 2010, at 6:35 AM, Michael Walsh wrote:
>>>> Rush Manbert was working in this area and there may be a patch on 
>>>> the
>>> Jira for ThriftMSVCPatch to allow libthrift to be compiled using VS.
>>>> M
>>>> Sent from my iPhone
>>>> On 24 Jun 2010, at 14:01, "Arun Kumar Raj Voruganti" <
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> I want to use Thrift in visual studio 2008 c++ projects. Did 
>>>>> someone
>>> already
>>>>> compile Thrift with Visual Studio?
>>>>> As far I understood from the requirements in Wiki, It is only 
>>>>> possible
>>> to
>>>>> compile the projects with Cygwin or MinGW. I use neither of them 
>>>>> to
>>> compile
>>>>> my projects.
>>>>> Any help in this regard is appreciated J
>>>>> Arun Voruganti

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