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From Michael Walsh <>
Subject Re: Where is the "real" Thrift ?
Date Tue, 01 Jun 2010 17:22:55 GMT
You're absolutely right, there are too many places to get Thrift and
finding the correct site is near impossible to find even with Google.

Bryan Duxbury has packaged a 0.3.0 Release Candidate 4 which is latest
and greatest and possibly the most stable. which
is based on

I can understand how easy it is to get led astray, there are too many
ways to end up in the wrong place and it's very difficult to find the
Incubator site from Google! should probably point to

There's Davids hosted gitweb
There's a github code repo
There's the official SVN.


On Tue, Jun 1, 2010 at 5:44 PM, A R <> wrote:
> It appears I'm having a deployment problem because of different versions of Thrift:
> Thrift version 20080411-r903393
> Thrift version 0.4.0-dev
> Not really sure where I got the two different versions. Where is the latest stable release?
> Is this good (looks old)?
> What about this (looks like the best choice but is dead)?
> git clone git://
>[0:]: errno=Connection refused
> fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection refused)
> fetch-pack from 'git://' failed.
> TIA!
> a.

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