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From Anthony Molinaro <>
Subject Re: erlang server/client closing connections
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2010 23:56:54 GMT

On Fri, Aug 13, 2010 at 02:56:51PM -0700, David Reiss wrote:
> > I like that it has -spec's now, does it cleanly pass the dialyzer?
> I don't remember.  Based on my incremental commit messages (which you can
> see at that gitweb link), it looks like I was running dializer while I was
> working on this.

Nice, then definitely commit :)

> > Also, I know with the current version there are lots of
> > warnings about unused variables, it might be worthwhile to prepend _ to
> > them, so it builds without warning
> Yeah, I think I got those, too.

Again, great!

> > The one thing that I'm still curious about is why the client doesn't receive
> > some sort of notification that the server has shutdown.  It must be that
> > gen_tcp doesn't let the client know?
> Not sure.  In C, you don't get any notification until you try to read or write
> (or poll for readability or writability).

Yeah, I was hoping by using {keepalive, true} in the client connection, I
would get some notification, but actually, I think the keepalive interval
is extremely long, so maybe I would have gotten something after a few
hours.  Anyway, I think I just need to just retry the call if it fails
because the connection has closed.  I can try some small number of times
and otherwise bail completely.

I'll see if I can't try the patch out soon.

Anthony Molinaro                           <>

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