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From Sumanta Bhowmik <>
Subject Thrift containers for java
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2010 03:39:05 GMT

I am using thrift for passing data among multiple layers. Most of our 
data is streaming, it is array of primitives like doubles, ints. Thrift 
requires  me to use a List in the IDL, which on the Java side translates 
to ArrayList of Integers. I find two problems with this approach

1. Integers are heavier than ints are, so it bloats up the memory. 
Something like an int[] rather than ArrayList<Integer> would have been 
perfect for our kind of usecase.
2. A list of integers is read integer by integer, rather than all of it 
in a single shot. This bring down the performance as the 2million 
integers mean that many method calls.

Is there a clean way of passing primitive arrays? Thrift provide byte 
which is basically byte[], so I guess there should be some way for int[] 
or double[] as well.


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