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From Bryan Duxbury <>
Subject Changes in 0.3 release
Date Thu, 12 Aug 2010 00:27:21 GMT
All -

My apologies for not updating the CHANGES file in the 0.3 release. Here's
what I managed to produce by looking at "fix version" in JIRA:

THRIFT-683              Remove profanity from Thrift  David Reiss
THRIFT-799              Files missing proper Apache license header  Bryan

THRIFT-373  Build       "make dist" misses a lot of files and includes some
bad files   David Reiss
THRIFT-473  Compiler    constant structs that contain enum fields don't
allow use of enums from external thrift files  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-611  Compiler    Under Windows when compiling using MinGW, includes
are incorrectly resolved due to '/' <-> '\' havoc.   Mathias Herberts

THRIFT-518  AS3         as3/flash/flex generator  Aron Sogor
THRIFT-550  Javascript  JavaScript language target  T Jake Luciani

THRIFT-560  Haskell     Improvements to the Haskell bindings: (Add
THttpClient, move to ByteString, compiler fixes, and a haskell Tutorial)
THRIFT-691  Haskell     Haskell compiler blocks prelude definition that it
needs  Sasha Rush

THRIFT-678  HTML        HTML generator should include per-field docstrings
Bryan Duxbury

THRIFT-643  Smalltalk   Smalltalk generated code don't load on
Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic and PharoCore-1.0-10491rc1 images     Unassigned

THRIFT-592  PHP         PhpClient.php expect all the files to be under
tutorial/gen-php but the files are in sub-folders  David Reiss

THRIFT-438  Python      Add support for Twisted.web in servers and clients
Esteve Fernandez

THRIFT-363  Java        Maven Deploy  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-601  Java        sending random data crashes thrift service  David
THRIFT-608  Java        Option parameter is ignored for one constructors in
THsHaServer   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-632  Java        Constants of enum types don't behave well   Bryan
THRIFT-645  Java        Java test client and server scripts don't work
David Reiss
THRIFT-653  Java        Fix toString method for enums   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-656  Java        TDeserializer.toString is misnamed  David Reiss
THRIFT-663  Java        JavaBean code generator produces incorrect setter
methods   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-670  Java        Unions don't skip unrecognizable fields correctly
Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-674  Java        Generated read() should just switch directly on  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-675  Java        Generated findByValue() should just switch on value
instead of mapping  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-677  Java ignores first element in the
constructor array   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-684  Java        Add constructor to TNonblockingServerSocket to
accept InetSocketAddress   Lars Francke
THRIFT-685  Java        Direct buffer access to improve deserialization
performance   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-700  Java        Generated Union structs don't skip unknown fields
properly  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-701  Java        Generated classes take up more space in jar than
needed   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-702  Java        TUnion's toString method throws NPE if the union is
unset   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-703  Java        Attempting to hash an unset union struct results in
NPE   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-710  Java        TBinaryProtocol should access buffers directly when
possible  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-711  Java        TFramedTransport should support direct buffer
access  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-713  Java        Java compareTo method throws NPE when any field
isn't set.  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-719  Java        Update Nonblocking and HsHa server to avoid an extra
buffer copy  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-723  Java        Thrift buffers with set and map types in Java should
implement Comparable   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-725  Java        Add partialDeserialize override that takes
TFieldIdEnum... instead of int... for the path   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-734  Java        Can't use primitive types in service definitions for
bean generated code  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-738  Java        TCompactProtocol throws RuntimeException when it
can't identify a type identifier   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-739  Java        TCompactProtocol isn't suitable for reuse in
partialDeserialize   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-746  Java        Generated services Iface/Client inner classes do not
derive from base classes   Mathias Herberts
THRIFT-752  Java        Use a faster Stack implementation in
TCompactProtocol   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-753  Java        Don't look up TFieldIdEnum values with a map  Bryan
THRIFT-754  Java        Improvements to varint reading in Compact Protocol
Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-759  Java        Make TBase implement Comparable   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-760  Java        Generated client code does not set or check the
sequence ID in messages   James Grant
THRIFT-761  Java        Include the symbolic name of a typedef field in the
field metadata [patch]  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-763  Java        Variable capture bug in generated struct compareTo
Nathan Marz
THRIFT-766  Java        Propagate TSocket timeout to connect  David Helder
THRIFT-776  Java        default value for field with enum type generates
Java source with compiler error  Unassigned

THRIFT-553  Ruby        thrift structs should be comparable (<=>) Bryan
THRIFT-604  Ruby        nonblocking_server assumes that returns
exactly one message   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-671  Ruby        Ruby compact protocol implementation gets mixed up
when there are fields that don't fit in the delta space  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-697  Ruby        Union support in Ruby   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-707  Ruby        Support old-style constructors for Union structs
Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-708  Ruby        Is set checking methods   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-709  Ruby        Print enum value names in Ruby  Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-712  Ruby        Inspect should print binary fields as hex instead of
escaped string   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-715  Ruby        Thrift server built with ruby fails to return values
of 0   Bryan Duxbury
THRIFT-720  Ruby        HTTPClientTransport ignores url parameters  Tony

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