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From Roberto Aloi <>
Subject Re: Function clause on "oneway_void" [Thrift-Erlang]
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2010 10:12:41 GMT
Hi David,

Nope, I'm using Thrift 0.4.0-dev, but now I think I know what's going on behind the scenes.
My Erlang code (the secret_function/2) was returning {ok, pid()} rather than simply ok.
Even if this is conceptually wrong since I declared the function oneway_void, it took me a
while  to identify the cause of the problem.
Maybe we could adjust the handle_succes function in Thrift so that it behaves the same way
the handle_function_catch already does.
This is how the handle_function_catch looks like at the moment:

    case {ErrType, ErrData} of
        _ when IsOneway ->
            Stack = erlang:get_stacktrace(),
              "oneway void ~p threw error which must be ignored: ~p",
              [Function, {ErrType, ErrData, Stack}]),
            {State, ok};

Even if the function is declared as "oneway_void", when an exception is raised, the problem
is reported. A potential new handle_success function, following the same reasoning, could
then look like the following:

handle_success(State = #thrift_processor{service = Service},
               Result) ->
    ReplyType  = Service:function_info(Function, reply_type),
    StructName = atom_to_list(Function) ++ "_result",

    case Result of
        {reply, ReplyData} when ReplyType =:= oneway_void ->
	    Stack = erlang:get_stacktrace(),
              "oneway void ~p sent reply which must be ignored: ~p",
              [Function, {ReplyData, Stack}]),
            {State, ok};
		{reply, ReplyData} ->
            Reply = {{struct, [{0, ReplyType}]}, {StructName, ReplyData}},
            send_reply(State, Function, ?tMessageType_REPLY, Reply);

        ok when ReplyType == {struct, []} ->
            send_reply(State, Function, ?tMessageType_REPLY, {ReplyType, {StructName}});

        ok when ReplyType == oneway_void ->
            %% no reply for oneway void
            {State, ok}

Here I'm just checking if the function is defined as oneway_void and if this is true and I
still receive a return value different from the atom 'ok', I report the accident, still ignoring
the return value.

What do you think?


Roberto Aloi
Twitter: @prof3ta

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