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From Anthony Molinaro <>
Subject Re: Moving from Ant to Maven
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2010 03:31:42 GMT

  I have no real opinion about ant versus maven, the one thing that
I ask is that the autotools parts work in the same fashion, in that
make will build the library, make check will run tests,
make install DESTDIR=/some/diretory still installs jar and docs, and
make clean cleans all the code.   If you look at lib/java/
you'll see how all these just call out to ant right now.  You'll also
want to edit to look for maven as is done with ant now.

In addition if you want a make maven-release target in lib/java/
which does the appropriate deploy command that would be fine as well.

Others may have dissenting opinions, but maven has worked fine for me
with other projects.  I just still like to have it be possible to make
and test everything via autotools.


On Sun, Sep 12, 2010 at 02:05:45AM +0200, Bjorn Borud wrote:
> hi,
> given the problems with getting libthrift into the Maven Central
> repositories I figured I'd see if I can lend a hand, so I started
> reading up on what is needed to deploy artifacts into the Maven central
> repositories.
> it would seem that it would be easier to make this work if libthrift was
> built using Maven (the signing, deployment etc).  Mostly because Ivy is
> sort of the ugly step-child of Maven so fewer people seem to be able to
> help out.  (Not that Maven is much of a looker, mind you :-).
> so I started hacking a bit to convert the build to Maven to see what it
> takes.
> first I reorganized the sources to fit the Maven model (moving src into
> src/main/java, and test into src/test/java etc). then I modified
> build.xml so it will find the sources and tests and build.
> right now I am looking at fixing the unit tests so that they will run
> under Maven, but at this point I am unsure how much hassle it would be
> to make them work both with Ant and Maven.
> before I spend more time on this, would it be interesting to move from
> Ant to Maven?
> my primary motivation for doing this was to see what I could do to help
> with getting Thrift into the Maven Central repositories.
> -Bjørn

Anthony Molinaro                           <>

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