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From Roger Meier <>
Subject Re: questions about javascript client
Date Wed, 08 Sep 2010 19:58:55 GMT
Hi Rafael

here's my perspective:

1.javascript client in a production environment ?
I like to do so! As soon as I or some of my co-worker have time to fix 
at least the map type bug (THRIFT-863) and do additional in deep tests 
with the current implementation. That's just one of the reasons why I 
provided additional tests for the JavaScript Testsuite within test.html. 
Another playground for me is the JavaScript tutorial that I use to 
demonstrate Thrift's simplicity and its usage across Languages... or to 
find bugs or neccessary enhancements within the current implementation.

2. configuration on the server side to direct requests to Thrift services?
Apache or Lighttpd proxy module for the Thrift service when using a dedicated Http server
like C++ THttpServer(THRIFT-247) or TServlet running in a Java Web Container, etc...
My favorit configuration is still a C++ Thrift Server using fastcgi as its transport connected
via web server's fastcgi interface.

 From my perspective, Thrift and JavaScript is a real hot combination with a large potential.

One thing to keep in mind is security!
There is no pluggable security layer available right now, so you need additional parameters
with e.g. a SessionId on each function you define within your Thridt IDL.

OAuth, SPENGO, pluggable custom auth layer, etc. is future.... but SASL Auth Layer for JAVA
is already here.



Am 08.09.2010 19:37, schrieb Rafael Garcia:
> The example javascript client in lib/js relies on a barebones http server
> ( compiled specifically for the ThriftTest service
> (ThriftTest.thrift). I have a couple of questions:
> 1. Are people using the javascript client in a production environment?
> 2. If so, what's a typical configuration on the server side to direct
> requests to Thrift services? The solution provided in doesn't
> seem very generic, and it's unclear to me how one would accomplish the same
> task on a production http server (like apache).
> Thanks!
> Rafael

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