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From Michael Walsh <>
Subject Re: Thrift for Windows Phone 7
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:24:15 GMT
WP7 uses a modified Silverlight profile, not the .NET CF profile.

This means that just like silverlight apps, you do not have ANY socket  
access at all so the TcpClient doesn't exist.

There are 2 methods for connectivity. One is a silverlight specific  
way that talks to a predefined set of ports.

The other is to use HTTP only.

There have been adaptions of Thrift to be wrapped over HTTP, but I  
can't remember if they were ported to C#.


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On 22 Oct 2010, at 12:07, "Marius Greve Hagen" < 
 > wrote:

> How do I compile the thrift .dll to use in a Windows Phone 7  
> application?
> Compiling the .dll with standard Visual Studio Express 2010 works  
> just fine, but when I try to add it as a reference to my Windows  
> Phone project I get an error message saying that it wasn't built  
> with the Windows Phone runtime.
> When I then try to build it in Visual Studio 2010 Express for  
> Windows Phone I get some errors that BufferedStream, TcpClient and  
> some others can't be found. I.e. they are not in the .NET CF that  
> the Windows Phone SDK uses...
> Any way to solve this? :)
> - Marius

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