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From Richard Salz <>
Subject Re: Modelling JSON?
Date Wed, 29 Dec 2010 14:43:32 GMT
> Do you mean like a truly arbitrary-depth recursive structure? Thrift 
> currently do this.

Yes, that's exactly what I meant -- thanks for understanding so quickly! 
I'm not surprised by the answer.  I'm thinking what I should do.  I don't 
need arbitrary-depth (only 2 or 3), so I think I have a couple of options. 
 One is to write out the data structures to the depth I need. The other is 
to hook into thrift's serialization and recursively invoke it by hand -- 
e.g., upper-levels just get the 'byte' type, which I then de/seraliaze by 
calling thrift functions directly. Any recommendations?

Being able to specify my own serializer could be useful.  Is there an 
annotation for that?  I didn't find any docs on annotations other than 
samples in test/AnnotationTest.thrift, and some of them look interesting. 

Union implementation in C++ could also help.  Any thoughts on how to 
proceed (beyond, send a patch:)?



STSM, WebSphere Appliance Architect

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