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From Rush Manbert <>
Subject Re: how to code more than one thrift?
Date Wed, 16 Mar 2011 16:39:58 GMT
On Mar 16, 2011, at 3:36 AM, mickey.guoyun wrote:

> Hi,every one.I am a new to thrift.follow the wiki,i can use thrift to deploy RPC project.but
i have two problems:
> 1.
> I write all service,struct,exception into one thrift file.if we have updated the requirment
(so that we must modify thrift file),
> and recompile the thrift file to build kinds of language's source code what we want to.
> so i want to write more than one thrift file ,if we need to update,we only need to add
or modify small amounts of thrift file.
> thfit has this function?if ture,please give me a example.
> 2.
> we use Java to write Server,and use PHP to write Client.but we found that ,if Java's
Server return boolean(true or false),the Php's Client will receive null.i think may be we
must return Boolean object.

Hi Mickey,

I can only address your first question, because I'm a C++ user of thrift.

I believe there is still a tutorial subdirectory in the thrift source distro. (I also use
an older version of thrift, so haven't downloaded the source for quite a while.) The tutorial
has tutorial.thrift and shared.thrift, and shared.thrift is included by tutorial.thrift.

This is the general pattern. You can include thrift IDL files in other thrift IDL files. We
have adopted the standard of using *.thriftclass as the name of a thrift IDL file that just
defines thrift structs, and *.thriftservice as the name of a thrift IDL file that defines
a service. The thriftservice files always need to include the thriftclass files. 

Best regards,

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