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From Toomas Aas <>
Subject Version 0.6.0 on FreeBSD doesn't build the shared.library
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2011 19:37:32 GMT

I'm trying to install Thrift 0.6.0 on FreeBSD 8.1. With 0.4.0 I didn't  
have problems, but now for some reason the shared library  
( is not getting built. I see that there are new  
configure options '--with-cpp' and '--with-c_glib' so I thought maybe  
one of these is needed to get the library built.

The configure command I used most recently is this:

./configure --with-boost=/usr/local --with-libevent=/usr/local  
--enable-shared --enable-static --with-zlib --without-csharp  
--without-erlang --without-java --without-perl --with-php  
--without-python --without-ruby --with-cpp

End result of configure:

Building C++ Library ......... : no
Building C (GLib) Library .... : no
Building Java Library ........ : no
Building C# Library .......... : no
Building Python Library ...... : no
Building Ruby Library ........ : no
Building Haskell Library ..... : no
Building Perl Library ........ : no
Building PHP Library ......... : yes
Building Erlang Library ...... : no

(Full configure output:

When I used --with-c_glib instead of --with-cpp, I did get configure  
output indicating that C (GLib) library will be built, but then I had  
failure during make.

Now I have two questions:
1. What configure options do I actually need to specify to get the  
shared library built?
2. What am I doing wrong?

Toomas Aas

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