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From Gautam Thaker <>
Subject thrift to Java mapping question: "list<byte>" mapping to "List<Byte>"
Date Fri, 29 Jul 2011 02:58:12 GMT
I have a thrift file that has:

typedef list<byte> OctetSeq
typedef list<i32> IntegerSeq

service ATL {
        i16 octet_thruput(1:OctetSeq payload),
        i16 integer_thruput(1:IntegerSeq payload)

The code produced by "-gen java" uses the following:

OctetSeq -> List<Byte>
IntegerSeq -> List<Integer>

This produces super inefficient code in Java. Is it possible for the
mapping produced to use List<byte>  and List<int> ? I suspect their
marshalling and transport and unmarshalling would be far more efficient.

As comparison in CPP the mapping produced is:

typedef std::vector<int8_t>  OctetSeq;
typedef std::vector<int32_t>  IntegerSeq;

respectively, and CPP is pretty effecient.


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