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From zebra li <>
Subject failed to run php thrift hbase demo code
Date Sat, 22 Oct 2011 14:10:16 GMT

I just installed the thrift 0.70 + hbase 0.90 on a ubuntu box.

I made a simple php thrift client code to scann tables in hbase.
The code can successfully create hbase table and insert rows to hbase
But, when it try to scann the inserted rows in hbase table, it just return
null object. I looked up the hbase table within shell, but found the
inserted rows were in the table. Why my php thrift client code cannot
retrieves rows from hbase table?

Here is my code in the attachment. The problem lies in  $scanner =
$client->scannerOpen( $t, "", array "entry:name") );
Please have a look.


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