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From HIRANO Satoshi <>
Subject Re: [iOS, MacOS] Patch for adding support of ARC, initializing constants, initializing struct/map/list/set with default values
Date Wed, 16 Nov 2011 00:24:03 GMT

I'd like to give some explanation about the ARC patch for iOS and MacOS.

On 2011/11/14, at 14:36, HIRANO Satoshi wrote:
> - Works for iOS and MacOS.
> - The runtime and generated code are compatible with both ARC compilation mode and non-ARC
compilation mode.

There is no compiler option for switching ARC and Non-ARC. It's fully automatic.

You must use retain_stub/release_stub instead of retain/release when you alter the runtime.
TObjective-C.h includes magic macros like this;

   #if __has_feature(objc_arc)
   #define retain_stub self
   #define release_stub self
   #define retain_stub retain
   #define release_stub release

o = [obj retain_stub]     is replaced with 
o = [obj self]         in case of ARC compilation.

[obj release_stub] is replace with [obj self]. It takes a little bit time but not harmful.

> - Initialization of struct/exception/map/list/set with defalut values is implemented.

The Cocoa (Objective-C) generator ignored default values in struct/map/list/set. I found the
generated code did not include default initializer. For example, "nobody" is not set when
you create a Person object even if you write like this;

   struct Person {
        1: string name = "nobody",
        2: i32 age

I added some code to generate the default initializer like this. It should handle any nested
combination of struct/exception/map/list/set.

   - (id) init {
       self = [super init];
       [self setName:@"nobody"];
       return self;

> - Now it generates much better code for initializing constants. The current thrift compiler
generates buggy code.

The current compiler can compile this example, because generated code has initWithName:age:.

    const Person stationMaster = {'name' : "John",  'age' : 49 }

But the following example fails, because generated code does not have initWithName:.

   const Person stationMaster = {'name' : "John"}

I ported the latest code for generating constant initializer from Java generator. The new
compiler does not use initWithXXXX, but uses property setters repeatedly and recursively instead.

There are some more bug fixes.

I found memory leak in transport/TSocketClient.m. I fixed it by adding two CFRelease()s.

Objective-C compiler complains that transport/TSocketClient is not a compliant of NSStreamDelegate.
I  fixed it with proper #ifdef. This problem is mentioned in the following JIRA page but not

Have fun!

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@  Life is beautiful and full of surprises.

HIRANO Satoshi, Ph.D.         <>
AIST: National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

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