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From Stephen Sprague <>
Subject perl bindings issue
Date Tue, 29 May 2012 21:21:52 GMT
Hi guys,
I'm kinda stuck here and wondering you could provide a tad of guidance.
full disclosure - i'm a newbie. (sorry) .  To make things brief the
generated perl code from "thrift -gen perl" is throwing this error:

Undefined subroutine &ThriftHive_getSchema_result::Schema called at
/home/spragues/downloads/thrift-0.8.0/gen-perl/ line 670.

after digging around and comparing -gen perl with -gen py i found this
interesting observation.   comparing the code around line 670 in perl
( with the code in python - i see thrift has generated a
fully qualified call to "Schema" while in perl no such fully qualified call
is made.  moreover, in python there is a subclass under hive_metasgtore
called   In perl - only was generated -
no subclasses and specifically no

here are the example code windows from -gen py and -gen perl

* -gen py builds this in

        if ftype == TType.STRUCT:
          self.success = hive_metastore.ttypes.Schema()

* gen perl builds this in

     if ($ftype == TType::STRUCT) {
        $self->{success} = new Schema();       #<=== line 670
        $xfer += $self->{success}->read($input);

so i ask.  would anyone on this list have any suggestions about where
things went wrong?  Can i supply more information to help?  might there be
a "perl binding" guru here? :)

Stephen Sprague

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